Natalie Savvides

I am currently a full-time mum living in South West London, writing whenever I can.

Having spent many years keeping diaries, contemplating life, love, destiny and all that goes on around me, I decided to let the world in on my journey and I wrote a book. 'Full Circle', published earlier this year is an insight into the mind of what it means to be a young woman searching for herself and love - and getting it wrong, until....

I had considered doing it for some time - but only when I found my conclusion did I feel it ready to share. It's funny yet serious, happy and sad but above all very real.

My aim, amongst other things, is to inspire and empower others by sharing my own experiences and struggles, helping them to find solution and resolution to theirs, often providing a little giggle at the same time.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Since when did the world get so incredibly competitive? A long time ago many would say. Back in the day! Yes, ok... I know the grass is always greener the other side of the fence, I know, I know, it always has been.
27/01/2017 13:35 GMT

A New Year!

Crikey - it's so easy to feel a failure isn't it - so easy to look at everyone else with their acts together (or so it appears)... in the gym, glowing faces, bouncing around all over the place - but really is that what's actually going on behind closed doors? Who really knows!?
09/01/2017 16:12 GMT

Ditch The Guilt

Yes it's great to have goals, aspirations, aims, to want be the best version of ourselves and even to keep improving but we have to cut ourselves some slack too. There has to be an off switch, moments where the 'conscience police' are off duty.
04/11/2016 13:24 GMT

Fretting - Is It Really Worth It?

Personally now with that mind-blowing wonder of hindsight, I can look back over the past twenty odd years, if not more of my life and I have to question whether the constant fretting that I seemed incapable of stopping served any purpose whatsoever.
13/09/2016 13:11 BST