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Natalie Williams

Oversees social action at King's Church Hastings, home of Hastings Foodbank

Foodbanks Cannot Fix Fundamental Flaws In Universal Credit

Foodbanks cannot fix a fundamental flaw in the system. We're picking up the pieces as much as we can, but many places are seeing demand rocket while food donations stay at the same level. With the increases we're witnessing, it's clearly evident that foodbanks are a sticking plaster on a crack that is growing into a canyon.
07/11/2017 07:37 GMT

My Local Foodbank Has Seen An 82% Usage Increase Since Universal Credit Was Rolled Out

When I calculated last week that my local foodbank has seen an 82% increase in demand since Universal Credit was rolled out in Hastings, I assumed I'd messed up the sums. Trussell Trust's figures from April 2017 state that foodbanks in locations where a full rollout of Universal Credit has taken place see, on average, a 16.85% increase in referrals for emergency food. So surely my 82% must be wrong? Sadly, it wasn't.
02/10/2017 08:34 BST