Natasha Barrett

Student activist and feminist.

Final year student studying English Literature at Royal Holloway, passionate feminist and the campus's Women's Officer. Current Music Editor of student newspaper 'The Founder'.
A New Era Of

A New Era Of Politics

Things clearly need to change and I know I'm not alone in thinking this; people are beginning to put their foot down and say enough is enough. So despite my major fears for a Tory/DUP coalition, I am incredibly excited to see the positive impact of a new meaning of 'people power'. We won't let them get away with any old policies anymore!
12/06/2017 13:59 BST
2016's Word Of The

2016's Word Of The Year

Time Magazine recently published an article describing the singular 'they' pronoun as 2016's word of the year. If this is an accurate title, it's surprising to me how many people are still unaware of its existence...
09/02/2016 13:09 GMT
The Problems With Trans Exclusionary

The Problems With Trans Exclusionary Feminism

Of course trans women have a different experience of womanhood to cisgender women, but excluding them from 'women's' spaces is basically denying the entire existence of their identity. How can you properly exist without being acknowledged as a real person for who you actually are?
04/02/2016 10:54 GMT
Protesting Against 'Luxury'

Protesting Against 'Luxury' Periods

The VAT on sanitary products that was maintained by popular government vote a few months back is an insult to over half of our population. However, it is even more of a problem for specific groups of people; those dependent on student loans, those with particularly low incomes or homeless people, for example.
03/12/2015 11:33 GMT
The Conversations We Should Be Having About

The Conversations We Should Be Having About Anti-Depressants

Being able to admit that you need anti-depressants and ask for the help, let alone openly talk about it, makes you a strong person in itself and mental health needs to start being taken as seriously as physical illness so people are encouraged to feel comfortable with it.
18/11/2015 12:28 GMT
The Darker Side of Freshers'

The Darker Side of Freshers' Week

These projects have definitely raised awareness of the fact that firstly, lad culture and rape culture exist, and secondly that they are an important issue and people deserve to feel safe when they go out. But as the experiences of this years' freshers show, there is still a lot that needs to change.
29/09/2015 16:02 BST
Why Kim Kardashian Is Good For

Why Kim Kardashian Is Good For Feminism

Considering that Kim is the most followed woman on Instagram and she and her family have monopolised the media so enormously, shouldn't we be glad that of all the people to achieve this, these are the messages young people are receiving from the Kardashians?
13/08/2015 09:55 BST