Natasha Chowdory

Assistant Trainee Librarian

Natasha is currently an Assistant Librarian in a specialist technical library in a very large corporation. She studies part-time as a distance learner to be a Real Librarian. She's goes to the gym as often as she can - mainly for the backchat she gives her instructor and sometimes will lift weights, jiggle to Zumba and stretch out at Bikram.

She's a very typical twenty-something in that she's an aspiring writer and really enjoys instagramming various inane parts of her existence. She's a big fan of fantasy books especially ones where women are the main character and don't fall in love at the drop of a hat. She has a propensity for collecting postcards (and has done since she was 10) as well as taking pictures of clouds. Plush toys and red thai sweet chilli crisps are her Archilles heel and her boyfriend cheerfully abets both habits with gleeful abandon.

You can find her at girlinthelibrary, which is peppered with opinions about books and films as well as general ramblings. She's known as @LibraryTasha on Twitter which is filled with *stuff* that she picks up from all over web that generally will involve more about books and films and random bits in the news (not necessarily in that order).

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