Natasha Davies

Entrepreneur Mindset Coach, Thought Leader, Author, Blogger and Womenspire Leader

Natasha Davies is an Entrepreneur Mindset Coach, Thought Leader, Author, Blogger and Womenspire Leader. She is founder of Because U Can where she helps individuals and groups to expand into the possibilities, move beyond perceived truths and discover the magic within so that they create freedom in their lives and businesses. She is also the creator of The Womenspire Leaders Network where she creates spaces for women business leaders to come together. An idea which began with a question when she asked "Who would it really excite me to work with and where can I create the most impact?" Womenspire Leaders was born. She received over 170 contact requests from her first 2 social media posts from women across the globe who were drawn to the concept. From there it has evolved into creative spaces for Womenspire Leaders to come together connect, create and collaborate as well as an amazing network of dynamic action taking leaders who are in contribution to each others growth. Natasha is also an Author of 2 books, her first of which was written in 31 days.

Inspirational Women In Business - Mandy St John Davey

In 2017 more and more women will take the leap into entrepreneurship but there are also a rising number of women who are creating more financial freedom by investing in property and other areas. As a previously male dominated area it is important to seek out those women who have made great progress in this area.
12/01/2017 13:31 GMT