Natasha Lipman

Chronic illness blogger

Natasha is a chronic illness blogger based in London, she writes about the reality of juggling your 20's with four invisible illnesses.

She is currently studying for her LLM and writes and consults for a number of brands.

In a past life, Natasha has worked as an international youth advocate, for a number of charities and was the winner of the Virgin Media Pioneer's trip to India to meet Richard Branson, and an alumni of the British Council's Global Changemakers programme.

You can follow her journey on Instagram (@natashalipman) and on her blog

When It's More Than 'Just' Being Double-Jointed

My pain started when I was nine. We don't really know why (that's the nature of the thing, I guess) and I went from being a normal child, running around with my friends, to one that couldn't do that because of the terrible pain that had developed, especially in my knees.
19/01/2016 16:13 GMT

Managing Chronic Illness: Why I Set Myself Weekly Challenges

While my sense of lack of satisfaction is still very much there, and I find it hard to be proud of myself for going out or 'doing' something, I'm trying to take things one step at a time and realise that I'm working my arse off, and that's worth celebrating. And setting myself small, achievable challenges is definitely one way of helping me manage that.
10/07/2015 10:07 BST

Wellness: It's Time for a Reality Check

I love sharing my story with everyone, whether it be daily on my Instagram or in longer pieces on my blog. But I think it's important for people to remember that I'm not a doctor, a nutritionist or a trained anything.
06/05/2015 15:23 BST

No, I'm Not Grateful - And That's Ok

If I wasn't this unwell, I probably wouldn't have done any of the things that I have done since I was eighteen. If I was well enough to have gone to drama school in New York when I wanted to, I would have. Instead, I have had to constantly find new paths to follow that are right for me at any given time. And they have changed so many times.
08/12/2014 13:47 GMT

How to Create a Kick-Ass Food Diary

There's a lot more to this journey than just what you put in your mouth, and understanding that your lifestyle, mental state and external stressors also play a huge role in your health is vitally important.
16/10/2014 12:17 BST

Dear Instagram: I Love You... But You're Not a Doctor

For about five months, my 'writing about health' thing has moved over to Instagram. And while it is an amazing platform, it doesn't do justice to the complexity and importance of understanding the science and the why behind a lot of what I choose to do.
08/09/2014 13:41 BST

Looking Beyond Medicine: How I'm Fighting Chronic Illness With Diet

I'm now on a plant based, gluten free, sugar free, high nutrient, anti-inflammatory, juice infused, smoothie obsessed, rotation diet. I very rarely eat anything out of a packet (even if it fulfils my diet criteria), and I spend most of my daily energy on preparing my food. I have slip ups (it's normal when you make such dramatic changes), but I know that what I'm doing is right for my body.
10/06/2014 09:01 BST

On Working With Chronic Illness(es)

Three chronic illnesses that left me bed bound, feeling more ill than I had ever done in my life, and more and more depressed (which certainly didn't help the situation). I spent hours trawling the internet and asking people online how they were able to live 'normal' lives. That's all I wanted. I had had to give up jobs that I loved...
27/01/2014 12:14 GMT

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: My Invisible Illness

"EDS is considered a rare disease...and it is incredibly discouraging when no one has ever heard of it, when you have to spell it for your doctor and watch him Google it to find out how to treat you, when no one you know has it, and you are forever the weird one. It makes for a very challenging, lonely journey."
30/05/2013 17:21 BST

Libyan Youth Voices - The Real Voices of a Revolution

The fight for Libya did not end with the death of Gaddafi. There are still many years of struggle ahead. Struggles for a new national identity, struggles for the development of new freedoms, educational systems, and of the new Libyan civil society. Over the coming months we aim to bring together young writers, photographers, film makers, politicians, entrepreneurs, and academics to share their stories with the world.
12/03/2013 13:29 GMT

Make the Most of London 2012

With less than two weeks to go until the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic games, the international media, sports fans and a larger than usual cohort of tourists are starting to make their descent on our fair capital.
17/07/2012 10:39 BST

An Open Letter to the Government: Unpaid Internships Must End

In today's tough economic climate there are <a href="" target="_hplink">20,000 out of work graduates</a> all desperately vying for what seems like that ever-elusive job. As a result, internships are fiercely fought over in an attempt to add some much needed experience to a C.V. This is a fact of the job market today.
03/07/2012 13:50 BST