Nathalie Gordon

Advertising Creative. Bit Blonde but still a no-bullshit Feminist. Gin-guzzler. Will do anything for bacon. Co-founder of #thisdoesntmeanyes

I like words, the sunshine, puppies and stereotypes. I don’t have an indoor voice and I don’t identify with Beyoncé. More than anything, I want to cure vegetarianism; think of all of those people missing out on bacon.


I remember leaving the clinic wanting to throw up. No one had really explained to me what was actually going on or told me what was wrong. Perhaps they thought I knew or perhaps they thought it was best I didn't. I called my mum straight away and she began the wave of 'It will be fine's that crashed down on me for the next month.
27/01/2017 17:00 GMT
To Go Viral or Not to Go Viral, That Is the

To Go Viral or Not to Go Viral, That Is the Question

Last week I saw a picture on imgur (since removed) that horrified me so much I decided to tell Twitter. I thought my tweet might get a couple of likes, maybe a retweet. As it turned out, my tweet actually made more than eight million media impressions over the course of a week. Mental.
10/03/2016 16:35 GMT
I Do Not Wish to Dislike

I Do Not Wish to Dislike Death

Imagine the questions I would have had as those 'Dislikes' rolled in: are you disliking their death or my pain? Do you not like how I've worded my status or that I wrote it at all? Do you think I'm attention seeking or wish I hadn't told you this way?
16/09/2015 15:15 BST
Tech Needs to Be Gender-Neutral Not

Tech Needs to Be Gender-Neutral Not Gender-Split

Yes I have experienced sexism before but no, I don't think when I'm made to feel shit at work, that it is a vendetta against my sex. Too often people reach for the gender card when things don't go their way and it needs to stop. With this in mind, a website has just launched that has really wound me up.
22/06/2015 10:43 BST
My Dad, the

My Dad, the Feminist

You actually called yourself a Feminist the other day and I couldn't have been more surprised or prouder. I asked you if you'd refer to yourself as a Feminist and you said "Yes I'm a Feminist- unreservedly. As a proselytising libertarian, I believe in freedom, equality and the rights of all men, which includes women". I thought- wow, that's my dad. The Feminist. My hero.
30/10/2014 14:41 GMT
Turning Off

Turning Off Tinder

During my 'Year of Tinder', as I affectionately call it, I've made 173 matches. I've had conversations with 31 of those matches (I count these as lasting for more than one day) and I've met eight in real life. I seriously dated two of those real-lifers and fell in love with one. I couldn't tell you if this is all normal amount or not.
15/09/2014 17:53 BST


The 'No Make-Up Selfie', 'Necknominate', 'Movember', 'Dry January' and most recently 'The Ice-Bucket Challenge'. These viral charity awareness schemes are, as Arielle Pardes perfectly observed, 'narcissism masked as altruism' and I for one am not falling for it.
26/08/2014 13:13 BST
Women Who Don't Get Women Who Eat on

Women Who Don't Get Women Who Eat on Tubes

Ladies, I'm a feminist and I will actively fight our cause till my boobs hit the floor and I breathe my last breath through my Chanel lipstick but oh my goodness am I embarrassed by your behaviour lately.
10/03/2014 13:45 GMT
My 20-Something Quarter-Life

My 20-Something Quarter-Life Crisis

I was born into a generation with the world at my fingertips, raised on the assumption that my financial prospects would be the same, if not greater, than those of my parents but instead the world we were told we could have, is out of reach; that career ladder we were all aiming to get on, is a high-chair away.
27/01/2014 11:31 GMT
If Only it Was Handed to Me on a

If Only it Was Handed to Me on a Plate

When did civilisation come to believe that plates were just so passé? How have restaurateurs not realised that despite great 'props' to make their meals more hipster and instagramable, they don't actually make the food better, just more high maintenance.
11/11/2013 12:24 GMT
My Bush Isn't In Style, Neither's

My Bush Isn't In Style, Neither's Yours

Last weekend, I was hoping to see my Bush in bright lights (in the pages of <em>The Sunday Times' Style</em> section) but my muff didn't make it. Neither in fact, did 92 other Bushes and I'm not happy about that either.
11/11/2013 12:18 GMT
The A-Z of Tinder, Part

The A-Z of Tinder, Part Two

Tinder is so 'hot right now' (unlike that phrase, unless you're Paris Hilton- the shame). Everyone is doing it and no one seems to be slowing down. The web is littered with people's opinions on the app, from where's best to do it, to how to get the best out of it. I can only hope this is just as useful.
15/10/2013 17:16 BST
My Bush, My

My Bush, My Choice

I thought if he was disgusted, every man in the world was also going to be disgusted. In one second and with one look, my ex honestly made me feel that I'd be judged and alone forever... Then I realised that's what this whole project was about. It's my Bush, My Choice.
07/10/2013 12:43 BST
The A-Z of

The A-Z of Tinder

Who meets anyone offline anymore? I even met my cleaner on a dating-website (of sorts). Tinder is the latest go-to in the dating world and with more than 50-million matches worldwide, it seems to be working.
26/09/2013 16:53 BST
A Beauty

A Beauty Break-Through

Until recently, I was brain-dead about beauty. It might be stereotypical to assume that if you have ovaries, you know your Nars from your Nivea but, alas, I did not.
17/09/2013 12:11 BST
Feeling Punch-Drunk on The Drowned

Feeling Punch-Drunk on The Drowned Man

Last night, I spent 3hours in what felt like a 4- tier Mike Nelson installation. From the moment the 'play' had begun I was stuck between feeling like I was caught in an interactive video game or trapped in the body of an obsessively voyeuristic fly.
09/09/2013 16:07 BST