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Neil Maxwell-Keys is a former cruise ship crewmember, industry recruiter and best-selling author of 'Get a Cruise Ship Job'. With over 14 years of cruise industry experience. Neil now runs

How to Become a Holiday Rep This Summer

For many young people finding a job in the summer holidays is a chance to make money and gain valuable experience for their CVs. Some students take it as an opportunity to discover what they would like to do in their further education.
24/07/2012 16:58 BST

Land Your Dream job Abroad This Winter - Without Getting Scammed

Let's face it, the internet has pretty much replaced the Situations Vacant section of the local paper, particularly when it comes to searching for careers in travel. However, scams are rife on the internet. In fact, job scams in general multiply during tough economic times like these because so many people are desperate for work.
27/10/2011 09:12 BST