Neil Scott

Lefty blogger who is based in Scotland and who supports the movement for an Independent Scotland.

Neil Scott is a lefty blogger and activist, based in Scotland and has been part of the movement for an Independent Socialist Scotland for over ten years.

Neil is a teacher, so writes sometimes on education policy as well as anything else that takes his fancy or rattles his cage. He is a proud (at times) member of the EIS Union.

Neil is an organiser for the Scottish Socialist Party, and an ex-EC member of the same. He writes and has written for at various times The Scottish Socialist Voice, Frontline Magazine and Red Pepper and blogs as “Plot Tracer.”

Neil is proudly working class and has turned his hand at many a job and career from digging the dirt to earning a dodgy living helping “his betters” through the tax system and out the other side.

Neil was a founding member of the controversial “Acting Strange Theatre Company” in Northern Ireland, back in the late 80’s, early 90’s which came under fire from the religious right for the issues it covered. He also worked with the production team in the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. Acting Strange has been re-invigorated in Scotland and produces podcast dramas and outdoor theatre. Visit their blog HERE

After realising what Thatcher and her henchmen were up to, he took voluntary redundancy from a Northern Irish factory and like lots of people of his generation, was given a chance with a free education.

He has worked for BBC Scotland as an adviser for their Education sites.

He learns from those who politely disagree with him.

Scotland Will Rid the UK of the Nuclear Threat

When Scotland votes Yes in the referendum, I firmly believe this will see the end of nuclear weapons based on the British Isles. Whether or not NATO decides to house them elsewhere on the European mainland is contentious.
22/07/2013 11:18 BST

Bury Thatcherism

I spoke at a Yes (for Scottish Independence) meeting last night and found it really difficult to speak thinking of how that old woman was looked after in the Ritz hotel in her dying days because"it gave the best care," while generations of my family have died in ward beds, in pain, and worrying that they were a burden
09/04/2013 11:22 BST

Cameron Relief... Please!

Does Comic Relief and other celeb driven telethons "upstream?" Do they find the source of the flood and turn off the tap or are they ego driven mop up jobs?
17/03/2013 11:05 GMT

Scroungin' Skiving Feckers...

The myth the BBC, ITV, Sky etc are pumping out of the huge swathe of broken Britains- lazy and scrounging drainers of state money- flamboyant druggie drunk wasters of your hard earned taxes- are just that... A myth
25/02/2013 12:19 GMT

'It Were Tough Back in My Day...'

I don't want a return to Victorian times, a time of certain starvation for those who couldn't find work. I want a return to a tax system that ensures working class people enjoy a decent income, social mobility and empowerment. I want a better world for my children, not a back-breaking struggle.
08/05/2012 11:26 BST

Who is Manufacturing YOUR Consent?

There seems to be a split in opinion amongst people over recent changes to fundamental rights. Some people seem to accept changes to our society that to others are sinister and unacceptable.
13/04/2012 10:51 BST

Slactivism, Bono, Tax and Kony

Slactivism is someone who jumps from cause to cause - each cause being, to the slactivist, as worthy as the next. The term could, at its least dangerous, be given to those who loosely link causes together and change focus regularly.
26/03/2012 10:34 BST