Neil Sinclair

Neil Sinclair is an ex-Commando and for the last 10 years has been a stay-at-home dad to his three troopers

Neil Sinclair is author of the parenting bestseller ‘Commando Dad: Basic Training.’ He has the kind of background you couldn’t make up: Royal Engineer Commando, PE Teacher, security guard at the UK Mission to the UN in New York, PCSO in the Metropolitan Police and registered childminder. However, he professes that his most demanding job to date – and the inspiration behind his manual for new dads – is his role as stay at home dad to his three troopers: Sam, Jude and Liberty.

Neil is a passionate advocate of dads everywhere and believes that there should be more opportunities for experienced dads to pass on their skills, experience and advice to new recruits to fatherhood. This is one of the reasons he created the Commando Dad website that not only features ‘how to’ videos and useful resources for new dads, but also busy forums where dads are able to share tips, give advice and support one another.

For more information about Commando Dad, please visit the website or drop Neil Sinclair an email.
Tips to Fit Training In Around Family

Tips to Fit Training In Around Family Life

I recognised that I needed to get creative about how I could fit training in around my family commitments (which I have a lot of as a stay at home dad). It's wasn't always easy, but then nothing worth doing ever is. So dads, if you want to start, maintain or revisit a training routine, here are my tips...
28/01/2013 16:44 GMT
Memories of

Memories of 9/11

Tuesday September 11 started much like any other day. It was my day off work and I walked my pregnant wife Tara 20 blocks to her office. It was a beautiful clear, sunny day. When I got back to our apartment I put the TV on (sound down) and started pottering around.
11/09/2012 14:54 BST
Olympics: Athletes Must Begin at

Olympics: Athletes Must Begin at Home

After Team GBs fantastic showing at the Olympics, and as we gear up for the Paralympics, there has been a lot of talk about getting more sport on the curriculum. Hooray! I say - but with a caveat. I think we can't only rely on the schools: Olympians must begin at home.
20/08/2012 15:58 BST
Olympics: What's in a

Olympics: What's in a Flame?

I have always loved the Olympics and really wanted my troopers to experience the excitement of the greatest sporting event on earth first hand. So I tried everything I could to get tickets: I entered the ticket lotteries for the Olympics and Paralympics, and every competition to win tickets that I could find. But it was all to no avail. I could not get a single ticket. It would be fair to say I was bitterly disappointed.
27/07/2012 22:53 BST
Top Tips: Entertaining the Troops on Long Car

Top Tips: Entertaining the Troops on Long Car Journeys

Ah, the joy of transporting the troops during the summer holidays. Road works, slow moving vehicles and sheer volume of traffic can ensure that even the shortest distance can end up being a long car journey.
26/07/2012 15:32 BST
Dads: Perception v

Dads: Perception v Reality

I've noticed something strange about the way society views us dads. By and large, where we appear in the news or on TV, we are seen as unreliable, feckless parents, or disinterested ones who are likely to abandon the family at a moment's notice. But that doesn't tally with my experience in any way.
03/07/2012 19:36 BST
Plan Your Easter Holiday Like a Military

Plan Your Easter Holiday Like a Military Operation

I'm always a bit mystified when people use the term 'planned like a military operation' as a form of criticism. A military operation is about moving people and resources from A to B to achieve the specified objective. As a dad with three kids, I plan <em>every</em> activity like a military operation. My mantra is Preparation and Planning Prevent Poor Parental Performance.
30/03/2012 16:57 BST
Daddy Daycare? This Daddy Didn't Care for

Daddy Daycare? This Daddy Didn't Care for It

I've been a stay-at-home dad for 10 years and I'm telling you that you don't need to go to the local nursery for a crash course in childcare to be a better dad. You need to get to grips with the skills you need <em>with your own children</em>. Don't believe that as men we're not biologically programmed to parent.
16/02/2012 14:25 GMT
Healthy Packed Lunches for

Healthy Packed Lunches for Kids

It is important that children are fed a healthy diet to promote growth, sustain energy, improve concentration and boost natural defences. At school it is especially important that a child's lunch contains plenty of nutrients to stock up on those used throughout the morning and keep them sustained throughout the afternoon.
06/01/2012 13:34 GMT
Thank a Soldier Today - It's More Important Than You

Thank a Soldier Today - It's More Important Than You Realise

When I was in Iraq in the 1990s, there were no mobile phones or computers. We would wait, and wait, and wait to get mail. When it arrived it lifted everyone's spirits. It really is hard for me to articulate what a huge boost to morale it was.
30/12/2011 21:58 GMT
Top 5 Tips for Buying Presents for

Top 5 Tips for Buying Presents for Babies

Are you buying presents for baby troopers this Christmas? Follow these golden rules from a dad that has navigated his way through several successful Christmases with his own three little troopers.
15/12/2011 17:18 GMT
How I Got a Publisher For My Parenting

How I Got a Publisher For My Parenting Book

Apparently, it is virtually impossible to get a publisher. I'm glad I didn't know before I tried, or I might have been put off. As it is, I got two offers on my parenting book for dads, <a href="" target="_hplink">Commando Dad</a>. This is how.
12/12/2011 13:09 GMT