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Not Just A Front - Confident And Proud

Confidence is intimidating. Considering the way society pits us against one another, it isn't the norm to feel comfortable and happy within oneself. But guess what? My confidence isn't a facade to hide insecurities.
02/06/2017 12:23 BST

Empowerment Needs To Be Your 2017 Resolution

It is empowering to empower another person. Aside from (maybe) an orgasm, there is no feeling more satisfying. When women support each other, incredible things happen. And, as women, we are fighting a pretty tough battle; against history, against sexism, against racism, against homophobia, against the patriarchy and against ourselves. We NEED the support!
06/01/2017 16:44 GMT

Kim Kardashian IS A Feminist Icon - And Here's Why

Last night I sat with my family and listened to their criticisms of the Kardashian family. Apparently, a woman with intelligence is foolish to even think of them fondly. Kim was even branded 'anti-feminist'. And while I held my tongue at dinner last night, I completely and respectfully disagree. Kim Kardashian is a feminist icon. .
25/08/2016 15:48 BST

'Naked Attraction' or Britain's Newest Demeaning Game Show?

In a poll held by BuzzFeed, 91 per cent of voters claimed they would never appear on the show. So, comedy value and shock factor? Yes. Educational and romantic television show promoting body confidence? Not so much. It will take a considerable amount more than this particular show to convince me that the best way to look for a partner is by examining their scrotum.
10/08/2016 17:38 BST

Brock Turner is Reinforcing Rape Culture

It's pretty ridiculous that here and now, a considerable way through 2016, we are still telling people not to have sex with anyone else against their will. It truly is baffling to read, see and hear what modern society's concept of rape really is.
09/06/2016 10:31 BST

There's No Such Thing as 'The Friend Zone'

There's no such thing as the friend zone. Yeah, I said it, and it's probably about time we stopped using it as an excuse for not getting what we want. Really, the 'friend zone' is a socially constructed coping mechanism used primarily by men to make their female counterparts feel guilty about rejecting them.
08/06/2016 10:28 BST

Why Marcia Clark Is the Real Hero of the OJ Simpson Trial

It was in 1995 that Clark took on her most infamous trial working to prosecute OJ Simpson for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The moment Simpson was found not-guilty; Clark left the court, her job and her reputation and never looked back.
31/03/2016 17:22 BST