Nicholas Mazzei

Head of Digital Strategy

You'll find me advocating for children in poverty and those boys and girls from less affluent backgrounds. I believe in creating opportunities for everyone and dealing with root causes of poverty through education and mentoring. I believe companies have a responsibility to improve the societies in which they operate. Before this challenge, I was a British Army Officer with 11 years extensive leadership experience in politically sensitive and demanding environments. .

Does Anyone Care About the Young Voter Anymore?

Parties who want a future will have to work harder to engage Britain's young voters, who feel it is unfair for the rest of society to dump debt and benefits onto them. Strategically, it also makes very little sense to spend so much time and effort on older voters.
11/02/2015 17:12 GMT

British Young Men Face a Dim Future If We Don't Change Our Society

By excluding and ignoring young men, we are damaging our society as a whole. We should be moving towards a more equal society and not obsessed with the past. It is about time we move past gender and begin to look at people for who they are. Until women are willing to do this as equally as men should, there will always be an imbalance which damages our society.
19/01/2015 13:13 GMT

Britain's Parliament Is No Longer Representative of Its Population

"When I go campaigning as a member of the Conservative party, most people at the door say to me "ahhh politicians, they're all the same... They don't understand what it is like for the rest of us". It's not that they think all MPs are liars, or cheats or corrupt. It's that they are not able to recognise or associate with the challenges of the majority of the population.
18/01/2015 22:31 GMT