Nicholas Rogers

Libertarian Conservative councillor in Tunbridge Wells

Nicholas Rogers is a Conservative councillor and local activist in Tunbridge Wells, writing from a libertarian perspective. He tweets @NJROnline.

The West Is About to Make Another Strategic Blunder in the Middle East

When someone attacks you or yours, you strike back and you strike back hard. That is not just the natural, instinctive response - it is the right and moral course of action. Failure to do so betrays a fundamental lack of self-esteem; if your own life and the lives of those you love are not worth defending, what is?
30/11/2015 14:56 GMT

Nanny Labour Targets the Sharing Economy

No surprise that Creagh has backed the - heavily unionised - taxi drivers who loath the app. Creagh's argument is that apps like Uber must fit into the UK's regulatory framework. It's the left's favourite theme when it comes to the sharing economy: regulation first, reality last...
04/06/2014 14:42 BST

'Meet the Commissioner' Was Both Farce and Tragedy

The introduction of Police & Crime Commissioners was a genuinely radical move. Unaccountable bureaucracies were replaced with a single, elected, accountable person. PCCs should make policing more democratic and transparent. They should be driving a revolution in the relationship between the police and the people. They should be doing great things.
02/06/2014 13:36 BST

Ukraine and Venezuela Show Us that Freedom Is Not Free

No less incredible were the scenes from Venezuela, where tens of thousands of people gathered to protest again President Maduro, following weeks of sometimes violent protests in which several were killed by Venezuelan police, who also dress like soldiers and fire live rounds.
27/02/2014 10:58 GMT

People Are Switched Off Politics - We Must Bring Them Back

That people are disenchanted with politics is hardly an original observation. Turnout at elections is declining, politicians are almost universally derided, distrusted and disliked. Perhaps it was ever thus, but modern voters seem less interested and less willing to listen to what politicians say than ever before.
17/02/2014 17:04 GMT

Our Councils Are Dying - Here's How We Save Them.

People are always interested in what goes on around them, but they don't always think the best way to influence that is to vote in local elections or write to their councillor. Many think such things a waste of time. Councillors need to be bold and imaginative if we want local government to flourish. We also have to act fast.
10/02/2014 12:23 GMT

Which Party Deserves the Libertarian Vote?

The country is ready for an economically responsible, socially liberal party. Whether we call this libertarianism or not, this balance makes most sense for 21st Century Britain. I have found my home in the Conservatives. Other libertarians will make their choices. All parties should note this, though; our numbers are growing and we should not be ignored.
02/02/2014 23:33 GMT