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Nicholas Shaw

Vice President & General Manager of Norton EMEA

Nick is Vice President and General Manager of Symantec's Norton business across Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

The Rise Of The No-Frills Hacker

It looks innocent enough - a receipt from your favourite high street shop, a file to review from a colleague or an alert from your bank or gas company that you have a statement to review or bill to pay. But something rather more sinister could be sitting in your inbox, waiting to be clicked.
04/08/2017 13:54 BST

How Much Would Your Spotify Account Be Worth?

You can buy pretty much anything on the internet. You just need to know where to look. For most of us, the only times we'd venture off the beaten track would be to find a specialist birthday gift perhaps, or a niche item you spotted on Pinterest, Facebook or Reddit. But what might surprise you is that in some places, your digital belongings could also be listed for sale - all at rock bottom prices.
27/07/2017 17:27 BST

What To Do When Your Data Is Held Hostage

Ransomware like WannaCry is on the rise. These attacks involve hackers holding your digital files hostage and demanding payment for you to get them back. It poses a dilemma that no one hopes to face. Should you pay up if you fall victim to a ransomware attack?
22/06/2017 14:23 BST

Are You Letting Your Kid Take The Lead On Tech?

Lock the doors! Don't speak to strangers! We all remember the rules our parents set when we were young to help keep us safe. But which rules should we set when our children go online? Even though we've been practicing the art of parenting for thousands of years, when it comes to digital, we often feel clueless about how to protect our children.
01/06/2017 14:02 BST

The Secret Life Of Connected Homes

<em>Beauty and The Beast</em> set me up with some unrealistic expectations of my household furnishings. Whilst the Internet of Things (IoT) may not yet have given candelabras a quippy sentience, it has given standard home fixtures a secret life. However, this isn't quite the heart-warming picture Disney painted for us.
10/03/2017 16:32 GMT

How Safe Is It To Connect To Public Wi-Fi Networks?

It goes without saying that a great deal of this convenience also stems from the sheer number free Wi-Fi hotspots which we love to connect to, largely because they are really convenient and help us avoid hefty data charges.
14/10/2016 12:01 BST

Millennials And Their Digital Legacy

Imagine that all important interview; you've graduated university with a 1st, spent your summer working hard to gather the relevant experience, and you've spent hours doing your research and brushing up on the job, the company and the industry. It's September and it's game time.
20/09/2016 09:30 BST

Back To School: A Life In Beta

With this in mind, and as we prepare for the new school year, I've included some tips to help ensure your kids can stay safe online, and use the internet as the great resource that it is to help them learn:
05/09/2016 13:51 BST

The Data Game

Like most kids, I spent many a day dream winning trophies and representing my country on various sporting battlefields. Like most adults, I spend many an hour shouting at or cheering on the men and women who actually made those dreams a reality.
11/07/2016 14:59 BST

The Data Game

Like most kids, I spent many a day dream winning trophies and representing my country on various sporting battlefields. Like most adults, I spend many an hour shouting at or cheering on the men and women who actually made those dreams a reality.
08/07/2016 12:11 BST

Lies, Scams and Picture Leaks - The Risks of Online Dating

Rewind a decade and looking for love online was the dating equivalent of a rocker listening to Justin Bieber. Fast forward a few years, and the stigma around online dating has all but faded. In fact, for time-pressured millennials, online dating has all but become a norm, with people spending an average of 17 days a year looking for love online.
21/06/2016 12:04 BST

Online Security: Quit Asking the Kids

We've all been there. Either sheepishly asking our kids, 'how do you do that thing that makes it stop beeping', or on the other side sighing as you pick up your father's phone and see 36 notifications in the task bar. But those days could be numbered.
31/01/2016 19:50 GMT

Hansel, Gretel and the Digital Babysitter

Children are so intuitive with technology and it's amazing how quickly they learn to use a device, even at an extremely young age. While this is great for keeping them entertained and teaching new skills through educational games, it can be a matter of seconds before they have clicked on the wrong link and are suddenly exposed to content that is not age appropriate.
14/10/2015 10:58 BST

The Three Little Pigs and Their Mobile Devices

Once upon a time, there lived three little pigs. As the little pigs grew older they each decided to build a home for themselves, and when they left home they were given a smartphone and tablet each.
08/10/2015 10:47 BST

Snow White and the Strong Password

Just as the seven dwarves keep Snow White safe from her wicked stepmother, it's important to teach children how to protect personal information online, by making sure their passwords are strong and private.
29/09/2015 11:56 BST

Top Tips for Protecting Yourself Online

High profile hacks such as that of online dating website, Ashley Madison, and last year's attack on Sony have helped bring hacking scandals to the forefront of the news agenda, what these high profile, large scale business hacks fail to bring to light is the smaller scale cyber-attacks targeting consumers, like you and I daily, and the impact these can have on our lives.
21/09/2015 16:31 BST