Nick Clements

Author of The Alpha Wolf, a novel about the modern man's journey from immaturity to maturity

Nick Clements is an author, consultant and workshop leader using creativity to address social and environmental problems. His unique techniques enable thousands of people to move through personal development to recognise their benefit for the wider community. His work remains a benchmark in his field, in recognition of his outstanding contribution he was made a Visiting Professor at Staffordshire University in 2009.

He has written three books on masculinity and is available to facilitate groups and workshops on such issues. His latest book is a novel on masculinity 'The Alpha Wolf' which is available from Roundfire Books and his website:
Men and Boys in the

Men and Boys in the Woods

It is a very sorry state we live in when a wish to help young people is instantly assumed to be malign. I absolutely know where it comes from, and have a huge amount of sympathy for it. But, I know I must support and encourage men to challenge the assumptions, they will provide positive male role models which buck the trend, and show all of us better ways are possible.
06/03/2014 17:07 GMT
Blue Is the

Blue Is the Colour

I recently heard a good story from someone about becoming a dad. After his child was delivered the man was handed the tiny baby, as the midwife did so she quickly checked the sex, and proudly said 'here's your big strong boy.' The father wondered if the midwife had delivered a girl whether she would have said 'here's your big strong girl.' Right from the first seconds of being born we are judged and compartmentalized.
19/02/2014 14:51 GMT
Being a

Being a Man

I have to admit every now and again I turn into a crusty old git, who is very worldy-wise, been there, done it, seen it, got the T-shirt. My close friends would probably raise an eyebrow at such a statement and whisper in my ear, 'when are you not like that?' illustrating what good friends they are by doing so.
05/02/2014 14:26 GMT
Creeps and

Creeps and Wimps

She wanted to be with men who empathized, have emotional intelligence, as well as being content in their masculinity. For many men this sounds like an impossibility - 'butch and caring' - do they fit in the same box?
24/01/2014 12:18 GMT
Men Are the

Men Are the Problem

The new democratic masculinity encompasses three hundred and sixty degrees of being. Men who can express views, emotions and feelings from their adventurous, pioneering spirit, through the deeply responsible and mature, to the nurturing and loving core.
16/01/2014 12:31 GMT
Three False Male Myths Which Are Damaging to Us

Three False Male Myths Which Are Damaging to Us All

Boys and men are still being conditioned into thinking they are very different from women. The differences between the behaviour and the abilities of men and women are infinitesimal. They have so much more to do with conditioning and nurturing than physiology or nature.
06/01/2014 15:04 GMT
The Number

The Number Ten

As a young man I was an above average footballer. In my mind my destiny was to equal and then surpass all the famous number 10's in world history, Pele, Maradona, Greaves and Law. As a supporter of QPR my heritage was that of Rodney Marsh and Stan Bowles.
24/12/2013 09:51 GMT
Where Are All the Caring

Where Are All the Caring Men?

It has been argued, men don't feel they are good at such sensitive jobs, they feel they lack the necessary skills and caring work has traditionally been the female domain, and has become highly feminised, often men say they are intimidated by the environments...
19/12/2013 17:05 GMT


I was recently at a friends 60th birthday party, and he said because of his age he was now an elder. I have to disagree, for me there are distinctive characteristics which mark out an elder. One of them is not seeking status, another is being content to be unpopular.
09/12/2013 15:48 GMT
A Confusion of

A Confusion of Men

I love the collective nouns for groups of animals: a murder of crows, a charm of goldfinches, a bloat of hippopotamuses. At a recent Men and Boys conference I invented a new one - 'a confusion of men'. Right now, most boys and men are confused about what it is to be a man. I think that is a good thing.
01/12/2013 22:15 GMT
The Nature and Nurture of Generation

The Nature and Nurture of Generation Y

Without much justification we expect Generation Y to respect and trust us, they don't, and they are pretty suspicious of our motives. As the older, more wise, generation we need to show young people respect and trust, and then they will show it to us.
21/11/2013 12:29 GMT
Male Isolation: Why We Need Good, Bad and Ugly

Male Isolation: Why We Need Good, Bad and Ugly Friendships

No man is an island. All of us need to ensure that we have a good diversity of friendships in our lives, it is essential to our mental health. In order to promote this we need to change the negative, hardening messages our boys receive from an early age. 'Be strong, boys don't cry, tough it out, don't show pain, be brave my little soldier, man up, you wuss!'
08/11/2013 17:20 GMT
What Paxman's Interview With Brand Tells Us About Masculinity, Science and

What Paxman's Interview With Brand Tells Us About Masculinity, Science and Spirituality

The Paxman and Brand debate has been viewed over 5 million times, and for me, amongst other things, it very succinctly describes the tension between science and spirituality within masculinity. Paxman, like a school yard bully, slowly circles Brand chanting 'prove it, prove it, prove it.' Brand can't prove it. He is just voicing his discontent, happy not to be able to prove it, which perplexes Paxman.
30/10/2013 13:49 GMT
What Jimmy Savile Has Shown Us About the Male Response to

What Jimmy Savile Has Shown Us About the Male Response to Power

It is very easy to be righteously disgusted by his behaviour, and feel ashamed that we didn't take notice of his victims, however, the death of Jimmy Saville two years ago and the revelations which followed, still leave many unanswered questions about our relationship to fame, and particularly how men react to such power.
23/10/2013 12:20 BST
Couvade, The Right of Passage for

Couvade, The Right of Passage for Fathers

As someone who works with men and boys, these two descriptions of couvade, inspire and excite me. Our ancestors knew the importance of having the father bond with the baby as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. The reduction in testosterone shows how this is a biological and evolutionary imperative.
08/10/2013 15:20 BST
The Smell of a Man, How the Feminisation of Men Started in the

The Smell of a Man, How the Feminisation of Men Started in the Bathroom

When I was young, my father and I would disagree about masculinity. I remember how he was deeply shocked and offended by the first 'Brut' adverts on the TV in which two very heterosexual sportsmen, Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan, shared some roll-on deodorant. My father thought it meant the two of them were gay.
25/09/2013 17:44 BST
Modern Masculinity: Reflecting Our Relationship to Success and

Modern Masculinity: Reflecting Our Relationship to Success and Failure

I believe disappointment, failure and vulnerability are essential to our development as whole human beings. By facing them we grow, and paradoxically, become happier. The measure of a man is not in his search for acclaim, success and power, it is in his reaction to disappointment, failure and vulnerability.
19/09/2013 17:30 BST