Nick Revell

comedian and writer

Nick Revell is a British comedian and writer.
Let Them Eat Banana

Let Them Eat Banana Confetti

My first thought - how did Vodafone manage to afford it? I think we all know they've not been doing too well over the last few years, don't we? Otherwise they wouldn't have had to put all that time and effort into highly complicated international tax-avoidance schemes to dodge the billions of pounds they owe this country.
07/01/2014 16:15 GMT
The Tunnel Palladium,

The Tunnel Palladium, Greenwich

It was hard not to feel at least a little pulse of dread across your guts whenever you saw The Tunnel coming up in the diary. The audience was volatile and unpredictable. Often they'd be good as gold, but if they decided to heckle, you could expect anything from brilliant and witty to mob aggression or flying objects.
18/11/2013 17:40 GMT
The Kidnap of Putin's

The Kidnap of Putin's Bottom

When Russia arrested the crew of the Greenpeace vessel <em>Arctic Sunrise</em> in September for trying to mount a demonstration on an oil rig in the Barents Sea, it's fair to say that most of the earth's population felt relief that finally one of the world's largest military powers had found the courage to stand up to the bullying tactics of thirty environmental protestors armed with banners...
17/10/2013 12:55 BST
Reasons to Be

Reasons to Be Cheerful

And here of course, we have a royal baby. Really cheers you up. Apparently the queues at the food-banks have never been happier. And it's great to see that at least there's one family dependent on state benefits who aren't being penalised by the Bedroom Tax.
08/08/2013 16:20 BST
Russia Put Dead Man on Trial to Avoid Looking

Russia Put Dead Man on Trial to Avoid Looking Silly

On Monday 4 March a man called Sergei Magnitsky will go on trial in Moscow for fraud and tax evasion. If he's found guilty, it's not clear where Mr Magnitsky will serve his sentence, because he's been dead since 2009.
06/03/2013 15:43 GMT
Protect Your

Protect Your Surfaces!

Imagine a world where everyone had enough, a world with no famine ot poverty and where every child had access to free education. Admittedly, there is a superficial attraction, but think again: a fair world would be a world with no need for charity and glamorous fundraising events.
05/02/2013 16:04 GMT
Too Early to

Too Early to Tell

In 1972 it was either Henry Kissinger or Richard Nixon who asked the Chinese Foreign Minster Chou en Lai what he thought were the main effects of the French Revolution in 1789. And Chou en Lai said, "It's still too early to tell."
28/08/2012 12:31 BST
Movie-Going in

Movie-Going in America

Surely, the safest option is to trust no-one, right from the moment you enter the lobby. Or indeed, before. So, a few simple rules to maximise the satisfaction of your American cinema-going experience.
27/07/2012 12:01 BST
Here to Help

Here to Help Vlad

Another reason Russia gets bad press is because since 2000, 17 journalists have been murdered in crimes linked to their work, with only one (partially) successful prosecution. It's clearly and indisputably sheer coincidence that all those journalists were murdered while investigating corruption, financial criminality, human rights abuses in the army, government and legal system.
16/07/2012 22:59 BST
Pussy Riot and the Threat to

Pussy Riot and the Threat to God

Don't know whether you saw this - but God appeared and spoke to someone the other day. I'm surprised it didn't get wider coverage, but that's aggressive secularism in the modern world for you.
05/07/2012 18:25 BST
Am I Paranoid,

Am I Paranoid, Or...?

The island of Jersey is threatening to break its link with Britain in retaliation against the draconian proposal from Downing Street that Jersey might want to narrow the gap in its banking and tax regulations between what is technically legal and what is conventionally considered immoral and unfair.
28/06/2012 15:21 BST
Coming Soon! Liberty

Coming Soon! Liberty Vouchers!

The liberty voucher scheme would guarantee absolute freedom of movement within a far less threatening environment, because people tempted to pilfer, commit street crime or burglary out of diminshed means would not be out and about.
25/06/2012 14:32 BST


I am so excited my brain can literally not think in a straight line why because we're all buzzed up counting down the days left to the Queen's Diamond Geezer weekend which is now literally only a few days away and I literally cannot wait...
31/05/2012 11:13 BST
Open Letter To Mr

Open Letter To Mr Cameron

The Opposition Front Bench are calling you "complacent and out of touch". (You may not have heard about this, for whatever reason.) Well, it's not just them; it's a growing mood. In fact there's a rumour that "complacent and out of touch" is the motto on your coat-of-arms.
25/05/2012 15:06 BST