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Where's the

Where's the Poké-Progress?

Pokémon really has resurrected through Niantic's recently launched Pokémon Go app, with the colourful creatures conquering the world for a second time in the space of 20 years. But this time, it's a waste of time.
03/08/2016 11:43 BST
Where Are the

Where Are the Warriors?

Further back, you'd find the symbol of Louis van Gaal's passive approach to games: Daley Blind. I really like his intelligence and passing range, and he really has adapted to his weaknesses and made the most of his potential. However, he lacks energy, intensity and pace to his game, being as slow and ponderous as anyone. Have you even ever seen him have a go at anybody?
22/12/2015 18:09 GMT
Why United Shouldn't Sign Bastian

Why United Shouldn't Sign Bastian Schweinsteiger

Manchester United have as usual been linked to a vast number of players, and one of them to enter the headlines is Bayern Munich's catalyst Bastian Schweinsteiger. Having won everything that is to win, including the World Club Cup, Champions League and seven Bundesliga titles, he should be the perfect fit with experience and winning mentality... right?
02/07/2015 11:14 BST
Five Things About Student Life They Never Told

Five Things About Student Life They Never Told You

Student life is the doorsteps of adulthood and some even percieve it as actually being an adult. If you're about to enter this state of life, here are five things no official student brochure advertising for their particular campus will ever tell you.
27/05/2015 15:17 BST
Four Things We Noticed at St James'

Four Things We Noticed at St James' Park

Wednesday night, Manchester United took on Newcastle at Tyneside, and bagged all the three points after a smash-and-grab victory in the final minute. Here are four key points from the game.
09/03/2015 11:40 GMT
Man United's Triple

Man United's Triple Trouble

Every manager on the globe would've sacrificed their left arm to have a striking trio containing Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Radamel Falcao at their disposal, right? For Louis van Gaal, the trio seem to give him more of a headache than anything else.
11/02/2015 11:13 GMT
Van Gaal Must Bin

Van Gaal Must Bin 5-2-1-2

This is written just in the wake of United's extremely satisfying smash-and-grab victory against Southampton. With all due respect, who knew a game against them, not even half-way through the season, could be that important, and pleasant to win?
10/12/2014 13:22 GMT
How Zonal Marking Cost

How Zonal Marking Cost Chelsea

The easy explanation of Manchester United's dramatic-fashioned equaliser against Chelsea on Sunday is to blame it on Ivanovic's dismissal. Despite the second booking obviously not was being irrelevant, José Mourinho didn't help himself through applying a zonal marking approach on set pieces.
27/10/2014 16:14 GMT
Leicester 2-2 Everton: Six Things We

Leicester 2-2 Everton: Six Things We Noticed

This was the game nobody could afford to lose, as it's presumably both sides' easiest fixture from the opening three games. In the next two gameweeks, both play Arsenal and Chelsea, so a loss in this game would mean the likelihood of no points from a possible nine... Here are six things to pay attention to after this tight and entertaining draw that went down to the wire.
18/08/2014 12:31 BST
Where is the Football

Where is the Football Club?

It's damaging for United to suffer from such a lack of football people around. Who is Van Gaal supposed to ask if he wants advice on how to develop the best scouting system on the planet? Joel Glazer? Ed Woodward? ... Manchester United better return to being a football club, not step even closer to a place where only hollow brands are living.
24/07/2014 11:26 BST
Why to Enter the Movies

Why to Enter the Movies Alone

There is a first time for everything, but most have probably been to a cinema with your boyfriend/girlfriend or a bunch of mates several times. I just went to watch Transcendence, and for once, I skipped the company part and went in singularity. Here are five reasons why you will benefit from doing the same.
11/06/2014 12:09 BST
Five Reasons why Giggs Should Be

Five Reasons why Giggs Should Be Omitted

Many fans have voiced their positive opinion on Ryan Giggs to be the next permanent manager of Manchester United, but despite the romatic setting, United have to go for someone else. Here are five reasons why United's number 11 is not the right choice at this point.
01/05/2014 15:51 BST
David Moyes

David Moyes (P)out

Apart from his first couple of games, which included a Community Shield victory and a perfect start of the season away at Swansea, David Moyes has struggled ever since in his reign at United. And in hindsight of the two embarrassing losses against City and Liverpool, both by a 3-0 scoreline, a decision is, for me, inevitable. He must depart and here are nine reasons why.
26/03/2014 17:09 GMT

Arrivederci, Nemanja

He came, he saw, he conquered: Nemanja Vidic is about to face the exit sign at Old Trafford and here's my take on the great Serbian rock, who could've been even greater, as he's currently preparing for a new chapter dressed in black and blue in Milano.
06/03/2014 17:02 GMT
Why Arsenal Need a

Why Arsenal Need a Winger

Appoint a winger and/or a striker armed with quick feet in front of a passing surgeon outfit with the likes of Özil, and Stoke will struggle any day of the week. This is what Arsenal failed to do and exactly why they need pacy front men to unlock defences like Stoke's.
04/03/2014 16:57 GMT