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Nicole Ettinger

Writer, thinker, doer....

I live to share powerful experiences, whether it's a country explored for the first time, a new film or simply derived from a feeling....
For a Clutter-Free Christmas and New

For a Clutter-Free Christmas and New Year...

I was very often late simply because my mornings were slowed down by my inability to select an outfit with speed and efficiency from my cluttered wardrobes. There was no order but clothes were generally thrown in the night before without any thought.
11/12/2015 12:35 GMT
From Budget Backpacker to Five Star

From Budget Backpacker to Five Star Traveller

Fifteen years ago I backpacked through Thailand and although it was a wonderful adventure, the budget accommodation side to it never did appeal to me; staying in windowless rooms with bunk-beds and stale air...Sleep - an impossible thing to achieve because of the bedbugs partying beneath me!
04/06/2015 14:15 BST
Smoking Is Cool But It Will Kill

Smoking Is Cool But It Will Kill You

Terrified of flying, I was delighted when the plane back from Thailand landed safely at Heathrow. I darted for the exit and began to rummage through my bag in search of a lighter and cigarettes to celebrate survival, but then I remembered that promise to myself, to stay alive longer.
30/03/2015 11:18 BST
This Time I Didn't Say a Single Word for 72

This Time I Didn't Say a Single Word for 72 Hours!

It's 20th November, fast approaching 7pm - the start time for Mission Silence, the world's first sponsored silence event. I am on the phone to my best friend who asks if I've remembered to change my answer machine message but I'd completely forgotten.
26/11/2014 10:48 GMT
Why Not Speaking for 48 Hours Is Such a

Why Not Speaking for 48 Hours Is Such a Mission

It was without a doubt the most challenging 48 hours of my life. It's our natural instant to talk and the mental energy it took to stop the words in my mind from escaping my mouth was exhausting. For the first few hours I felt it necessary to have tape over my mouth.
13/11/2014 11:18 GMT
Seven Artists for Seven

Seven Artists for Seven Islands

In need of a holiday, yesterday I visited all seven of the Canary Islands under one roof! Seven illustrators from across Europe were each sent to travel one of the seven islands for seven days, during July of this year, to illustrate whatever inspired them. The work they produced has formed a captivating exhibit in Shoreditch, #ONTHEDRAW.
05/11/2014 11:38 GMT
Rock 'N' Roll Yoga

Rock 'N' Roll Yoga Retreat

I felt as if I had arrived in the Garden of Eden - our home for a week was a luxury eco retreat, perched on the top of a hill, surrounded by four acres of fruitful Spanish gardens. The owner of Finca Paradiso, an artist, created a vibrant, colourful environment with Spanish and Moroccan influences.
24/07/2014 11:05 BST
Who's Afraid of the

Who's Afraid of the Dark

Do you travel alone late at night? Have you ever been followed or felt like someone is following you and wondered how you would get help?
29/05/2014 11:59 BST

Yoga Power

Right now, in the UK, if you go to the doctor with a physical pain, you invariably leave with a course of painkillers or for those suffering from mild depression, antidepressants are distributed without hesitance.
22/04/2014 15:40 BST
Exercise Your Way Through A

Exercise Your Way Through A Breakup

I urge the broken hearted to get off the sofa, put down your Ben & Jerry's and take up a form of sport - it doesn't matter what it is but just get moving. Not only will this heal the heart and mind, but remember you are now single so you want to get in shape!
10/03/2014 09:47 GMT
Psycle It Out in Your Lunch

Psycle It Out in Your Lunch Break

The workplace can be fraught with tension, with intense hours staring at screens or sitting in windowless conference rooms for hours on end, and many of us do not even take a lunch break.
07/03/2014 11:06 GMT