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Nigel Higgins

I'm a painter, decorator & blogger. Married, & a dad of 5 children, including 4 year old twins. I'm a top 10 UK Dad Blogger 2016 - Vuelio.

Hi, I'm Nige and I'm a dad of five children, aged 21, 19, 17 and four year old twins. I'm married and live in Cardiff. I'm a painter and decorator and I've been doing this for over 20 years. I also blog at I write about parenting and DIY. My blogs also chronicles my family life, especially the lives of my children. I'm a top 10 dad blogger in the UK for 2016 as named by Vuelio.

Whatever Happened To Just Mum And Dad: Labels

SAHD, SAHM, single mum, working mum, gay dad, gay mum, LBGT mums and dads, single dads, stepdad, stepmum, divorced dad, divorced mum. This list is endless when describing what sort of mum or dad you are, although I have very rarely seen the term 'working dad'.

11/09/2017 14:36 BST

Physical Violence In A Relationship

For years the stigma attached to men being abused by the women in their lives has been swept under the carpet because society doesn't sit well with this kind of behaviour. You will get the usual, my god you are a man, how could a woman hurt comment, but how wrong could people be?
08/02/2017 12:17 GMT

Breast Or Bottle: A Dad's Perspective

There always seems to be a lot of argument and debate over what is best, but rarely have I seen a post by a dad on the subject of breast or bottle fed babies, so I thought I would give my view on what appears to be a controversial subject. I have to say that I'm not passionate about either.
18/01/2017 14:59 GMT

When Is A Blog No Longer A Blog?

A blog by definition is an online diary of one person's views or ramblings on a subject of their choice which of course could be parenting, cooking, beauty or indeed any subject they wish to choose to write about and share on the Internet.
17/11/2016 11:18 GMT

21 Years Of Parenting

I've been a parent for 21 years, therefore it's fair to say it's been a large part of my adult life. It's actually crazy to think that it has been 21 years and it scares me to think about where the time has gone.
21/09/2016 14:52 BST