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Noam Schimmel

Ph.D London School of Economics. Masters of International Human Rights Law, Oxford University. Independent Human Rights Researcher.

Noam Schimmel earned his PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is an independent human rights researcher.

Justice Delayed and Denied

The conclusions of the study will provide Germany with the information needed to reflect upon how and why such injustice was allowed and sustained for decades and to ensure better mechanisms for human rights accountability now and in the future in the German legal system. It will also enable a necessary public discussion of how this failure to prosecute and punish can be addressed at such a late date.
22/05/2015 10:50 BST

When a Teacher Opens Worlds

Because of her and her stories as that boy grew up and was able to visit the lands of these myths, to study these stories, to try to live out some of the lessons learned, he, I, remains rapt with attention, enchanted, and grateful beyond words.
19/09/2014 12:34 BST

How the Dogmatic Ideology of Forgiveness Can Harm Genocide Survivors

The virtues of forgiveness in many different contexts of life are manifold and well known. Forgiveness can encourage and enable healing, peaceful relations, improved individual and social welfare, and psychological well being. But forgiveness is a personal choice and it must not be coerced, whether implicitly or explicitly. It is not a panacea.
22/08/2013 10:26 BST

The Boston Marathon

Sometimes when one feels weak and vulnerable - one's sense of safety and peace ruptured violently and shockingly - goodness and solidarity rush in to offer support and solace. That is how I feel a few days after the Boston marathon bombings.
18/04/2013 13:41 BST

Supporting Survivors of Genocide and Other Mass Atrocities: EU Responsibilities

As the 19th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide approaches in April, this report by the Task Force on the EU Prevention of Mass Atrocities has been issued at a critical time. Survivors of the Rwandan genocide who were failed enormously by the EU are demanding and deserve redress as an urgent matter of justice which has gone unaddressed for far too long.
08/03/2013 12:39 GMT

An Extraordinary Act of Solidarity

William Cooper, an Aboriginal elder of the Yorta Yorta tribe in Australia led a march to the German consulate in Melbourne in December of 1938 to protest Germany's persecution of the Jews.
17/12/2012 11:52 GMT

Respecting Human Rights Demands Accountability for Human Rights Protectors

In promoting human rights we ought to show those organizations advancing human rights respect and appreciation but not deference, hold them accountable to the values they strive to represent and protect and critically assess their efforts to do so, and encourage a more prominent place for discussion, dissent, and contestation within the human rights community and society at large about how human rights are advanced.
23/11/2012 10:11 GMT

The Government as Bogeyman

Mitt Romney is obsessing about size again and doing a great disservice to the American people by fixating on a bankrupt ideology of smaller government rather than on real, practical, public policy.
21/09/2012 09:57 BST

America Needs and Deserves a New Conservatism

The overriding ideology which drives the Republican Party today is not conservatism. In fact, it's more radical than anything a prudent, cautious, skeptical conservative would support.
24/08/2012 11:26 BST