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The Issues My Clients and I Face Daily

Call her what you want – ‘Controversial Life Coach’, ‘Celebrity Lifestyle Guru’ or even ‘that woman from Loose Women’, Olga Levancuka aka Skinny Rich Coach has attracted a global audience and she continues to make the headlines with her unorthodox approach to life and her thought-provoking books and articles on all aspects of life, love, relationships and of course, women!

She is the best-selling author of ‘How to be Selfish (And Other Uncomfortable Advice)’ and ‘The Draft: The Ill Society’ and has become the go-to personality for the online and offline press for opinion pieces, as a columnist and as someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind! She invented the Philosophy of Selfish and is working hard on her next book.

Olga is a regular contributor to The Guardian and The Daily Express and she has written for The Sunday Times, Grazia, Cosmopolitan USA, The Daily Mail and Le Figaro as well as being an experienced, albeit quirky, television personality!

For more information about her courses, including the highly regarded Silent Method, please visit her website.

Questions You Need To Ask Before Moving In Together With Your Partner

Some people cancel everything and prioritise a new relationship, sometimes out of laziness because it takes effort to keep your friends happy and your partner feeling special. Is your partner planning on keeping his or her routine intact? For example, do they plan to continue spending Sunday afternoon with their best friends, excluding you? It's not about right or wrong. It's about what would you prefer and what would keep you happy.
10/02/2017 16:28 GMT

First Time Busy Mums Guide to a Baby: Week Four

Arrange for your partner, husband or a reliable friend to look after your child for just an hour approximately. Feed your child, change their nappy and head out of the door to the nearest coffee shop. Enjoy a hot drink of your choice in peace.
17/02/2016 13:21 GMT

First Time Busy Mums Guide to a Baby: Week Three

It's the time when the meaning of happiness shifts and you feel that happiness is when your child is sound asleep or gives you the cutest of smiles. When happiness is when your child doesn't struggle to breathe. And when happiness is when your child only cries when he or she is hungry, and not because something else is wrong with your tiny little human.
11/02/2016 10:43 GMT

First Time Busy Mums Guide to a Baby: Week Two

The baby was more awake then asleep and more active than before. A few days of adjustment and luckily for me the umbilical cord stump fell off. That meant I could start bathing the baby.
04/02/2016 15:37 GMT

First Time Busy Mums Guide to a Baby: Week One

Not sure about you, but I was really looking forward to having a baby, I planned and planned and planned, and the minute baby arrived... I panicked. Nothing prepared me for my little treasure's un-routinely behaviour.
28/01/2016 17:27 GMT

Practical Advice and Encouragement for New Parents

While it is natural for your darling or even yourself to be constantly obsessed with the baby, you want to spend some time together in a 'baby free' zone. When you do things you used to do together, just without talking about babies.
20/01/2016 11:01 GMT

A Memo for Dad: Your Baby and Your Relationship

As adolescent boys (and girls) become overly preoccupied with sex and understanding everything about sex, thanks to raging hormones, in much the same way most women, whose 'biological clock' has got activated, are becoming overly preoccupied with the idea of having a baby and understanding everything about being... a mother.
14/01/2016 11:15 GMT

How to Prevent Cheating in Your Relationship: For Men and Women

Your Romanticism period is over, the relationship is set in stone (sort of) and daily chores, perhaps even kids, ensure you keep your feet set firmly in reality. The reality that isn't anywhere reminiscent of what you thought your life together would be like.
27/08/2015 14:19 BST

Living the Selfish Way: Baby Steps to Our Freedom

If your life goal is to make anyone proud (even sometimes including yourself, subject to the goals required to be achieved) you are doomed to fail. Not only do you sacrifice the hours you could spend enjoying your life, making yourself and those around you happy, you waste your life on someone who wasted their lives on themselves.
24/07/2015 11:59 BST

I Want Love Now: Dating Apps to the Rescue

Of course we are all familiar with Tinder. It is simple to the point that even married people who would like to spice up their boring life or those who are convinced that the grass is greener on the other side can use it without any worry of getting caught.
30/06/2015 11:56 BST

Parental Advice on Relationships: When It's Best to Avoid

No one said that dating is easy, and especially the contemporary dating, where rules are regularly broken and challenged, marriages don't happen and many couples opt out for a relationship without children. It can be very uncomfortable for those of you who belong to the generation, where marriage is... pretty much a goal of your life.
22/06/2015 11:10 BST

It's Time to Apply for a Divorce. Yes, Mothers.

What you need to remember, that happy parents tend to have happier children. And if the two of you are much happier divorced, then your children will eventually accept, that divorce is a pure act of two adults who have decided they are no longer happy to be together.
27/05/2015 12:34 BST

How To Be Selfish

In a time when so much is expected of us to fit into and to be accepted into a society we are willingly or unwillingly are a part of, many of us forget that it's not always about others. We forget there is our own inner identity we want to protect and evolve.
07/05/2015 21:59 BST

Why Women Who Go Out on a Lot of Dates... Get the Guy That's Worth It

The minute the word 'date' enters our mind, the barricades are put in place and judgment... the worst of its kind. Why? We can't face being hurt yet again. The emotional pain is so much harder to deal with than physical. We'd shy away from the opportunity of a lifetime without a hint of a hesitation.
28/04/2015 12:37 BST

What Do Your Social Media Posts Say About You?

I can de-code what people are thinking, and how they will act in certain situations relatively easily, there are few things that one should be aware of when crafting yet another post on your timeline.
18/03/2015 13:11 GMT

When Do We Become a Girlfriend And a Boyfriend?

The best way to approach the situation is to be straight forward. With yourself. Do you really like the guy or are you more 'lets see where it takes us'? Because if that's how you feel, that's what the guy reacts to.
29/01/2015 12:38 GMT

If I Want to Make a World a Better Place? Then Why Do I Fail?

This a key reason behind so many successful people. They are driven by their inner passion to succeed, they have to feed that permanent hunger of their internal needs. And the minute the successful people get happy? Everyone else gets happy.
23/01/2015 11:38 GMT

How to Start Trusting Others... When Dating.

What we tend to ignore, when we decide to jump head over heels into the dating soup, that in dating, speed dating, online dating or blind dating, each of us turns up with a very limited amount of trust and an enormous stash of barriers and protection.
20/01/2015 11:47 GMT