Oliver Evans

Head of Global Business Development, Matternet

Oliver oversees business development globally for Matternet, a US based Silicon Valley start-up launching a “new paradigm of transportation” by using networks of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), otherwise known as drones, capable of transporting 2kg packages. It is thought that this new mode of transportation will be the most energy-efficient way for last-mile delivery of small packages in cities and remote rural areas, especially where road networks are not well-developed. In particular, Matternet has a keen ambition to be an innovator in delivering urgent items such as emergency and medical supplies to hard to reach communities.

Based in Switzerland, Oliver works globally. Prior to Matternet, Oliver served as Chief Cargo Officer for Swiss International Air Lines.
Why A Drone Could Save Your

Why A Drone Could Save Your Life

DRONE technology is moving a lot faster than most people thought possible - and will arrive in our cities even sooner than we can imagine. Perhaps one of the more fundamental changes happening right now is that people are beginning to understand what benefits drones bring for businesses.
01/06/2017 10:29 BST