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Olivia Barnes-Brett

Writer, blogger, languages student

I study French, Spanish, beginners sign language, and love writing! If you would like to contact me about collaborations, you can reach me at
Major Tourist Scams: Transport

Major Tourist Scams: Transport Cons

No one wants to be caught out abroad. Tourist scams can affect anyone. At best, they're annoying, but at worst they can be dangerous.
23/05/2017 15:35 BST
Advice For Travel Bloggers, Direct From The

Advice For Travel Bloggers, Direct From The Experts

When you write a blog post, put yourself in your readers' shoes and try to answer any questions you think they may have about a particular place and event. If you provide genuinely helpful and informative content, your readers will appreciate it, and the search engines will reward you
02/11/2016 15:41 GMT
Five Antidotes To The Rapid Travel

Five Antidotes To The Rapid Travel Bug

But why do we want to impress each other on social media? Why post as many travel photos online as possible? What are the benefits of this 'lightening travel' that sees people going to 14 foreign towns in as many days?
20/10/2016 14:26 BST