Olivia Heath

Multimedia journalist. Email: Olivia@olivia-heath.com

Olivia has contributed to The Independent, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Society of Editors, Frontline Club and Hayes FM, to name a few.

She’s a news junkie and sports enthusiast and is highly interested in current affairs, politics, youth culture and health. But she also likes to dabble in the realm of arts and entertainment from time to time. Website: www.olivia-heath.com.

Send any press releases, freelance opportunities or any enquiries to: olivia@olivia-heath.com
Can You Keep A Secret? It's Time To

Can You Keep A Secret? It's Time To Confess

PostSecret is an online community where you post in secrets anonymously on a nicely decorated postcard. Beside the point that very few people send in postcards these days, (it's all about social networking, emails and texts), this site is a global phenomenon.
21/10/2012 15:25 BST
Twitter's Role In the Olympics Ticket

Twitter's Role In the Olympics Ticket Fiasco

It's like a flash sale - red and yellow lights sporadically blink on your screen. You're bursting with anticipation as sweat oozes from the palms of your hands all whilst sitting awkwardly on the edge of your seat. Seeing the words "No tickets found" in bright orange is a sudden moment of despair.
08/08/2012 16:32 BST
Usain Bolt: It's All About the 'Big

Usain Bolt: It's All About the 'Big Man'

Colin Jackson's reaction to the men's 100m track finals was almost as entertaining as the actual race: "Here he comes, here he comes, the big man, the big man, the big man" he shouted to fellow pundits Denise Lewis and Michael Johnson.
08/08/2012 14:09 BST
Rise of the Teetotal

Rise of the Teetotal Generation

Binge drinking and the walk of shame may sound too familiar to our generation: images of young people falling out of nightclubs, getting up to drunken antics and vomiting on roadsides do them no favours. Yet despite the uproar surrounding a 'drunken Britain', a quiet revolution appears to be simmering.
14/11/2011 23:52 GMT