Olly Pike

Author/Illustrator of LGBT+ children's books, creator of Pop'n'Olly

Olly Pike is the creator of Pop'n'Olly, an LGBT+ educational resource for children, parents and Teachers. He is also the co-founder of the multimedia company 'Proud Unicorn'. Olly has enjoyed success as a performer and presenter. Having performed in the West End, toured the UK, and also performed around the world, he is now based in London.
Why LGBT+ Education Is More Important Than

Why LGBT+ Education Is More Important Than Ever

We cannot really make sense of it all just yet. But we can be sad, we can be angry, and we can decide to continue the work that we started. This is a crime that stemmed from hatred, a hatred deeply-entrenched within the killer, as something that had been learned early on in life.
22/06/2016 16:43 BST