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Olya Gerasimova

Travel writer. Photo taker. I also like talking about love and relationships, which doesn't mean I'm good at those. I also write about the UK and its people

I write about the UK, about love and dating, I'm no expert and that's why it's so much fun. I also do that instagram thing where you post photos and pretend your life is better than anyone else's (it's not). But creating good feelings for my followers is worth it. Plus, they know I'm not always travelling or drinking coffee in fancy outfits that I didn't pay for. They know. You'll find me there if you type @fictionalwishes in Instagram app. P.S. I daydream and tend to write all of it down on trains, buses and planes. And on my sofa of course, while munching on a gingerbread biscuit, dunking it in warm milk. I'm a risk taker like that.

How I Used My OKCupid Account To Promote My Instagram

Here I was, sitting in my London flatshare, Wandsworth, the dodgy end, when I first set up my OKCupid account to find a boyfriend. My bio on there was readable, funny, a bit sarcastic, it contained all the words I wanted to describe myself, and most of them were true.
16/03/2017 15:31 GMT

The Ghosts Of Wandsworth's Greasy Spoon Past

The traditional English caffs have been in decline due to the always rising rent prices, ever growing gentrification and just someone always trying to get into your place. Many remain, but one in particular is no more.
19/12/2016 14:49 GMT