Pam Warren

'The Lady in the Mask'

'The Lady in the Mask'
Since overcoming life-changing injuries from the Paddington Train Crash of 1999, I have become a master of re-invention and a catalyst for change not just in my own life but in the lives and work of others. Utilising my skills as a successful businesswoman, my experiences from my survival and recovery and being the lead campaigner in securing a safer rail network for Britain I am now a Professional Speaker delivering inspiring talks to conferences and seminars.
Dress to Impress or

Dress to Impress or Not!

We have all heard the phrase, "First impressions count" but you may not realise just how important those first impressions are. Human beings make a judgement about each other within five seconds of meeting. An audience will process how you look and sound the moment you walk onto the stage.
23/06/2015 16:57 BST
This Is the Election

This Is the Election Speaking

I tend to be one of these voters who do not pay much heed to the media shenanigans of our politicians in the main. In fact I play a game to see how little of the election coverage I can manage before polling day. I prefer to make my decision based on what is contained in party manifesto's rather than sound bites, though I fear even these are little more than rhetoric.
05/05/2015 15:46 BST
Single Mothers Are Doing It for

Single Mothers Are Doing It for Themselves

I have recently procured the services of a young 20 something year old personal assistant. She is a single mother of a five year old and wanted some part time work to not only bring income into her household but also to stimulate her mind.
31/03/2015 14:52 BST
Thinking of Changing Your

Thinking of Changing Your Career?

You need the skills of a business owner, accountant, marketer, promoter, supplier, quality control, creative director and producer all rolled into one. You need a steely determination to succeed and the grim self-motivation to keep moving forward.
12/01/2015 14:54 GMT
Are We the Troubadours of

Are We the Troubadours of Yore?

I have only been speaking professionally for a short while and I certainly have had my eyes opened to what hard work has to go into it. Beforehand, sure I stood up and spoke publicly, but I would simply stand up and tell my story. There was no craft to it nor did I think about what message my listeners might be taking away with them.
02/12/2014 17:22 GMT
How's Your Life

How's Your Life See-Saw?

Part of my condition is that I have a depleted immune system that has never really recovered since the train crash. Maybe it was all the drugs I've had to take over the years, maybe the shock or the burning I sustained, I don't know, but depleted it is. I do everything I can think of to boost it and I try to be careful about hygiene especially in public places.
10/11/2014 17:05 GMT
15th Anniversary of the Paddington Train

15th Anniversary of the Paddington Train Crash

For a lot of us survivors every anniversary is poignant and this has not lessened with the passing of the years. When we first all met in 2000, at the inaugural meeting of the Paddington Survivors Group, we were much the same though the memories then were still fresh in our minds, the pain of what had happened still raw.
03/10/2014 16:40 BST
Family and Friends vs The

Family and Friends vs The Fug

I made a promise to myself while recovering from my injuries to always put family and friends needs before anything else. In the ensuing years I have managed to keep this promise. What I could not foresee was how this vow would be tested when I was torn between both family and a friend, at the same time, in the past two months.
03/09/2014 09:16 BST
Am I

Am I Bi-Polar?

"After all this time might I be Bi-Polar rather than still suffering from PTSD?" was the question I posed to Anton Kruger, my psychologist, in March of this year. The reasoning for my question was that it is coming up for 14 years since the train crash which is a significant amount of time. Surely I must be over it by now?
25/07/2014 13:54 BST
Who Should Prescribe

Who Should Prescribe Anti-Depressants?

If you have to take anti-depressant medication I would urge caution as to what you take. Get the very best advice you can find before committing to anything. Realise that they are not a quick fix - it will take time and they should be used in conjunction with other therapies. Above all else, try to look at them as only a plaster cast that will help the 'break' in your mind to heal and be removed when it is.
30/06/2014 16:00 BST
Is Depression a Sign of Weakness? Actually It's the Opposite - You're Too

Is Depression a Sign of Weakness? Actually It's the Opposite - You're Too Strong

One of the many symptoms of PTSD is clinical depression. Deep depression. This type of depression I can only describe as being at the bottom of deep, dark, damp well. High above you can see the sunshine and even hear people cheerfully talking which represents the normal world you've suddenly dropped away from...
01/06/2014 21:48 BST
Are You Reading the

Are You Reading the Signs?

Is it just me or are there more signs everywhere you go? Over the past few months I seem to have noticed more things I am supposed to read, digest and either act upon or, in most cases, not act upon. There are instructions, rules and some very strict ones where I feel I am being told off before I've done anything!
24/04/2014 15:17 BST
The Good Opinion of

The Good Opinion of Others

So apart from the PR and marketing of your book how else can you get it noticed in the wider world?
28/03/2014 10:11 GMT
'Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme' - The Marketing and PR

'Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme' - The Marketing and PR Fair

What is marketing? The Charted Institute of Marketing defines it as <em>"the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably."</em> It's a little dry but the essentials are covered...
27/02/2014 11:32 GMT
How I Converted Pondering to Publication: Without

How I Converted Pondering to Publication: Without Pandering

My book's journey started about five years ago, a decade after the Paddington Train Crash which changed my life. At first, I sat at my office desk and dutifully typed up the events that had occurred since the crash, rather as I type up a proposal for a project I am about to manage, until I had a finished product.
03/02/2014 17:32 GMT
The Magic of Christmas? I Can't Find It

The Magic of Christmas? I Can't Find It Anymore

I don't wish to preach, but I feel that we should focus less of our attention to giving gifts to our family and friends who, if we're honest, probably have enough money to buy the nice things we're getting them. We should take note of the giving side of Christmas, and if we give gifts surely they should be to those who really can't afford it.
18/12/2013 17:01 GMT
The Healing Foundation: 'Suffer the Little

The Healing Foundation: 'Suffer the Little Children'

According to statistics from The Children's Burns Research Centre, the UK sees up to 90,000 children a year suffer from burns, with 10 a day being taken to regional burns treatment centres... I was shocked to discover that despite these differences between the way adults and children's skin reacts to burns, little research is actually available on how to treat burns in children.
27/11/2013 17:45 GMT
Disaster Can Lead to

Disaster Can Lead to Opportunity

On 5 October 1999 I caught a train from Reading into Paddington to attend a training course in pursuit of my thirst for knowledge. My train crashed headlong into a Thames Turbo coming out of Paddington at over 130mph and a fireball ripped through the carriage I was in. I was severely burnt, was in a coma for three weeks, came close to death and spent almost three months in hospital. When I was well enough to come home I was wearing an acrylic mask to help heal the burns to my face and became known as 'The Lady in the Mask'.
19/09/2013 17:36 BST