Peter Mitchell

Freelance business journalist and aspiring author

Born in London, proudly raised in Canada, Peter Mitchell was bumbling his way through a moderately successful career as a freelance business journalist when an investigation into a story on Corporate Social Responsibility inspired him to look beyond the profit margins and PR into the very real problems faced by society. He returned to London in May 2017 to complete the research for "A Knight in the Slums"; a biography of his great, great grandfather, Sir John Kirk who, as Director of the Ragged School Union, championed the causes of children, the disabled, and the poor in Victorian London and the rest of the world. London did not prove as welcoming to Peter as it did his illustrious ancestor and he found himself sleeping rough, knocked down by the same societal ailments Sir John dedicated his life to fighting over 100 years ago. Peter is currently a resident at "The Connection" at St. Martin-in-the-Fields where he continues to seek employment to complete his life's ambition.

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