Peter Rolton

Chairman of Rolton Group

As Chairman of the Rolton Group, Peter Rolton provides high-level strategic advice to a range of governmental, public sector and commercial clients. He is an acknowledged specialist in the renewable energy sector, and a passionate advocate of informed debate.

Peter holds particular expertise in the areas of site-wide energy planning, zero carbon power generation, low carbon design, carbon offsetting and the application of renewable technology. He has acted as a Government advisor on numerous consultations and white papers, presenting to the Secretary of State on a number of occasions on the subject of renewable planning and public sector engagement. He has worked as a strategic partner with some of the world’s largest and most successful blue-chip companies.

Peter is both a chartered building services engineer and a chartered member of the Institute of Energy, and has gained accreditation under the Carbon Trust Consultant Accreditation Scheme for solution development, with particular expertise in the establishment of energy strategies. He has been the architect of the path through which Rolton Group has addressed the challenges of renewables, carbon and the built environment.
Resource Responsibility and the Global Carbon

Resource Responsibility and the Global Carbon Crisis

One thing is for sure: any plan based on restricting access to cheap fuel is doomed to fail from the start, so we have no other choice but to address the problem and create long-term, sustainable solutions.
06/03/2015 12:54 GMT
Community Energy: Re-energizing the Local Power

Community Energy: Re-energizing the Local Power Scene

Communities could be reinvigorated by these schemes, with individuals able to make the choice between the monopoly of the Big Six and their rocketing prices or a locally-based energy tariff that directly benefits them and their town.
22/12/2014 07:27 GMT
Shale Gas: Silver Bullet for UK

Shale Gas: Silver Bullet for UK Energy?

I was recently interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton on the issue, and here I draw together the discussion of exactly why this isn't and shouldn't be the case.
10/12/2014 13:18 GMT
Does 'The Apprentice' Need to Learn Some New

Does 'The Apprentice' Need to Learn Some New Skills?

To get ahead and be successful, there is no doubt that you have to be a strong and confident leader with clear idea about what you want and how you're going to get it. To remain successful, however, the narcissism that many of them seem so proud of will need to take a back seat to make way for more rational, big-picture thinking.
13/10/2014 15:38 BST
Engendering Equality in

Engendering Equality in Engineering

British engineering is facing a serious skills shortage. Yesterday, the think tank IPPR published a report claiming that 'an additional 87,000 graduate level engineers will be needed in the UK each year between now and 2020' in order to meet growing demand, but that 'the higher education system is only producing 46,000 engineering graduates annually'. Well as a starter for ten, that maths doesn't look good.
30/09/2014 10:44 BST
UK Housing: Making the Long Journey

UK Housing: Making the Long Journey Home

When the recession hit, it wiped out livelihoods and decimated entire markets. In the face of a global slump, Britain's housing sector was no exception; buyers couldn't afford to buy and builders couldn't afford to build. Over the course of several years, the pace of the property market dropped from jet stream to tumbleweed and the UK was left with an increasingly problematic housing deficit.
08/09/2014 15:39 BST
Getting With the Times: The Implications of 21st Century

Getting With the Times: The Implications of 21st Century Technology

If technology allows us to virtually participate in meetings that take place anywhere in the world, is it so important that we are there to shake hands in person? As the cost of power creeps ever higher, I would imagine that priorities will shift out of necessity towards conducting more business through digital channels.
21/08/2014 16:00 BST
Smart Grids: A Cleaner Planet, a Smarter

Smart Grids: A Cleaner Planet, a Smarter Planet

Last week, Rolton Group proudly hosted the launch of the latest CTF report, which explores the vital role of a smart grid in the UK. I was invited by Dan Byles MP to open the event, and in my introductory speech I explained why the advent of the smart grid is of such importance for businesses and consumers alike:
01/08/2014 12:18 BST
Sustaining the Energy Sector in an Independent

Sustaining the Energy Sector in an Independent Scotland

The 18th September is now just over two months away, and as the two camps make their final push in persuading Scottish nationals either to stay put in the UK or run from it as quickly as humanly possible, it seems worth taking stock of what the clean energy landscape may look like in a post-referendum, independent Scotland.
14/07/2014 14:54 BST
Switching off the Power to Keep the Lights Switched

Switching off the Power to Keep the Lights Switched On

Successive governments have categorically failed to listen to the warning signs vocalised by the very industry whose co-operation they're now relying on to prevent blackouts, an industry that has watched with increasing anxiety as spare capacity drops ever closer to zero...
18/06/2014 13:57 BST
The Sun Is Setting on Large-Scale

The Sun Is Setting on Large-Scale Solar

Aside from the sneaking suspicion that this is actually a spooked Governmental response to the rising numbers of UKIP voters, aiming to stop the progress of large solar before it becomes as unpopular as wind with NIMBY voters and causes anyone else to defect, there is a far more immediate problem.
19/05/2014 13:07 BST
The Populist Policy

The Populist Policy Problem

The nation's future energy security shouldn't be put at risk just because the NIMBY few shout the loudest, or because weak politicians daren't put their heads above the parapet to campaign for what is ethically, commercially and logically right
12/05/2014 10:00 BST
Manufacturing the UK's Economic

Manufacturing the UK's Economic Recovery

The Chancellor has his sights set firmly on driving economic recovery, and a central component of the plan is his target to increase the value of annual UK exports to £1 trillion by 2020. This equates to approximately a 100% increase from where we currently stand, and there is little disagreement that it is an exceptionally tall order...
03/03/2014 10:17 GMT
A Stern Review of UK

A Stern Review of UK Flooding

With a Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who is dubious about the very existence of man-made climate change and who has cut spending in the area by over a quarter in the last year, what hope do we really have of defending ourselves against the changing weather, let alone attempting to bring it to a halt?
14/02/2014 11:18 GMT
Jack of All Trades, Master of

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

The current governmental landscape betrays a belief that it is possible to run with the hare and the hounds <em>ad infinitum</em> when it comes to energy, and this simply isn't the case. Giving with one hand and taking with the other not only demonstrates a disingenuous attitude that further belittles trust, it also harms investment and makes us less competitive on the world stage.
03/02/2014 14:58 GMT
China's Trans-Pacific

China's Trans-Pacific Pollution

China has been an exportation hub for many years, supplying the rest of the globe with innumerable products on an ever-increasing scale. Unfortunately, it appears that an unwelcome additional extra has started to make its way around the world alongside these items: we're now also importing its pollution.
27/01/2014 11:37 GMT
It's Time to Get Smart About Energy

It's Time to Get Smart About Energy Tariffs

I'm going to open with an indisputable truth: the UK suffers from an exceedingly antiquated attitude towards energy provision.With every other part of modern life becoming customisable and flexible, the sector remains as rigid as it has ever been.
20/01/2014 10:18 GMT
UK Grid Infrastructure: Not a Leg to Stand

UK Grid Infrastructure: Not a Leg to Stand On

A staggering 750,000 UK households were hit by power cuts over the festive season, and as nice as a candlelit Christmas may sound, in practice it is at best an inconvenience and at worst a complete nightmare...
13/01/2014 11:20 GMT