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Peter Stevenson

Chief Policy Advisor of Compassion in World Farming

Educated at Trinity College Cambridge, Peter Stevenson is a qualified lawyer. He is the Chief Policy Advisor of Compassion in World Farming. In 2004 Peter was the joint recipient of the RSPCA Lord Erskine Award in recognition of a “very important contribution in the field of animal welfare”.

Peter leads Compassion in World Farming’s lobbying at the EU and the OIE. He played a leading role in winning the EU bans on veal crates, battery cages and sow stalls as well as a new status for animals in EU law as sentient beings. In addition, he has written comprehensive legal analyses of EU legislation on farm animals and also of the impact of the WTO rules on animal welfare. Peter has also written many well received literature reviews and reports on the welfare of chickens reared for meat and farmed fish, welfare at slaughter, welfare during transport and the economics of livestock production.
Brexit: A Blank Canvas For

Brexit: A Blank Canvas For Farming

We have a real opportunity therefore, as we move away from this flawed system, to treat Brexit as a blank canvas upon which to redesign our food and farming policy. If we paint the right picture, we can make huge changes for the better not only here in the UK, but globally too, by setting a new benchmark for others to follow suit.
19/08/2016 11:29 BST
Using Pigs to Provide Transplant Organs for

Using Pigs to Provide Transplant Organs for People

What would happen if we change to an opt-out scheme and there is still a shortage of organs? If that happens society may decide to use pig organs - I hope it doesn't - but if it does we must ensure there is no increase in the number of animals used for human purposes. This means we will have to cut back on some other use of animals - in the case of pigs that means eating less meat.
08/06/2016 15:38 BST