Phil Pauley

Visionary, Innovator and Founder at PAULEY

Who's Monitoring Deep-Sea Mining?

Due to a lack of suitable technology, there's been a lack of activity in deep-sea mining since HMS Challenger first discovered seabed minerals in 1873. But huge investment in emerging technologies is likely to make commercial mining a reality within a few years.
12/06/2015 09:30 BST

Inspiring a New Paradigm in Marine Renewables

There is now great scope to pioneer an International Ocean Energy System. There are huge global implications for these emerging developments, and I still firmly believe that the idea can - and will - change the face of renewable energy.
13/11/2014 10:39 GMT

Privatising Underwater Tourism to the Titanic

Imagine being able to book an overnight trip to visit this most famous of sunken shipwrecks, or 'fly' over the bubbling hydrothermal vents deep in the Mariana Trench, where only a handful of humans have explored before.
09/10/2014 19:28 BST

Can Science Fiction Drive Social Change?

I hope that my books - and whatever forms the stories may go on to take - will capture the imagination of their readers, create a vehicle for discussing environmental issues, and encourage young people to tackle global challenges by becoming the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.
23/09/2014 12:30 BST

Tomorrow's World... Today's Challenge

Spiralling resource costs, flooding, civil unrest, threats to biodiversity, rises in environmental refugees and even all-out war - the implications of our unsustainable lifestyles are grim to say the least. These are just some of the effects we are almost certain to experience over the next five to 20 years as the consequences of our environmental looting catch up with us.
15/02/2012 14:14 GMT

Never in the Field of Human Conflict Was So Much Owed by So Few to So Many

The obvious conclusion is that we live in a world of marked contrasts, of haves and have-nots and the have-nots are in the majority. The disadvantaged, malnourished and impoverished dominate the totals while the minority enjoy relative affluence in terms of good shelter, food, clean water, warmth, power services, health and wealth.
23/11/2011 09:39 GMT

Giving Planet Earth Plc Due Diligence

If I were an (alien) investor, looking to invest in Planet Earth Plc, I'd need to do my 'due diligence' as is customary in any business transaction. I would need to investigate and evaluate the business and relevant aspects of the past, present and predictable future of the opportunity.
08/11/2011 23:34 GMT

Planet Earth Plc Launches Its Latest Innovation

The design team at Planet Earth Plc gathered this weekend to launch the 7,000,000,000th new product in its 4.5 billion year history of innovative designs for its enduringly popular Homo Sapiens range.
01/11/2011 21:59 GMT