Philippa Cunniff

Head of family law at HBJ Gateley

Philippa Cunniff is head of the family law team at the law firm HBJ Gateley. She has extensive experience in the resolution of financial disputes arising from relationship breakdown , including those with a corporate or commercial aspect. Her work covers a range of issues including separation and divorce, pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements, and child-related matters. She is dual-qualified in England and Scotland and in addition to advising on family law issues within the UK, she has worked on high-value financial disputes involving overseas jurisdictions . Philippa is a member of the Family Law Association, Resolution and Consensus Collaboration Scotland. She is also a Fellow of the International Academy of International Lawyers.

Why You Might Not Get the Kitchen Sink in a Divorce

Most people have seen the spectacular fall-out from divorce cases between one impossibly-wealthy person and another, normally with the upshot that one tries to wring as much out of the other as their lawyers can muster. All of which makes for great headlines, but it's not usually an accurate reflection of most divorce settlements.
22/12/2015 11:22 GMT

Thinking About Divorce? Here's What You Need to Know Fiirst

What is remarkable is the number of divorce cases which get started after Christmas - for whatever reason, early January is the time when lots of people decide to get started down the path they've probably been considering for a long time.
11/12/2015 15:54 GMT

Plan Your Marriage Before Your Wedding

If you were one of the lucky couples to get engaged over Valentine's Day weekend, congratulations! This is a special and exciting time, and no doubt thoughts of engagement parties and wedding preparations are already providing hours of anticipation and joy.
17/02/2015 15:30 GMT

Walk Away if Your Divorce Lawyer is Spoiling for a Fight

Over the course of the week, a definite trend started to emerge. On the one hand clients want and need legal advice, but on the other, many are concerned that getting lawyers involved will inevitably lead to spiralling costs and exacerbated tensions in an already fraught situation.
13/01/2015 11:17 GMT

Six Tips for a Simple Divorce

Whatever the trigger for a couple taking such a step, divorce is never an easy or pleasant experience. But there are approaches which can make it more straightforward and somewhat less personally taxing, particularly if there are children involved.
28/10/2014 12:40 GMT

It's About Time England Caught Up On Pre-Nups

What a good prenup should mean is that, where a divorce is the only real option, the whole process is handled more quickly, with less fighting, mess and acrimony. If the terms are pre-agreed and legally binding, both parties should have a clearer idea of where they stand and as a result, there should be less to quarrel over.
05/02/2014 13:09 GMT

Facing a Christmas Divorce? Collaborate, Don't Aggravate

There's no way to broach the subject of divorce at this time of year without feeling it somehow goes against the spirit of the season, but for a large number of families it's something which has to be faced very quickly after the last mulled wine has been drunk.
25/12/2013 15:19 GMT