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Phillip Krynski

Marketeer and human

I recently completed a Digital Media degree in Australia before moving to London. I'm currently earning a Stirling by working in a bar keeping the good people of Kentish Town hydrated.

Lately I've been making my thoughts more permanent through writing.
I think a lot. I think we all do. I think sometimes we think we're alone in our thoughts. at least I think so..I think
Spare Room... Or

Spare Room... Or Not

I'm sitting at a cafe in Kentish Town in autopilot. Yet another day spent scrolling through the infinite pages of houses 'available' for sharing in London. The dreary background of lame music at costa coffee is the soundtrack to my struggle.
02/11/2015 11:14 GMT
It's Time to Break Up With

It's Time to Break Up With Facebook

The average attention span of society is now down to just seven seconds. It takes you longer to tie your shoelaces. Lucky for slip-ons, otherwise we would have a whole bunch of people with half tied laces tripping over in the streets.
29/10/2015 10:36 GMT
Don't Wait, Create

Don't Wait, Create Now!

Success is difficult to be measured in the creative world sometimes. Unless you are a a well known highly paid artist/writer etc, you need to be prepared for people not to care about your work. The key is for you to care. Positive responses will follow naturally from here. It's time to take your creative dreams and turn them in to reality. Life is too short. You've picked up the pen, now it's time to throw down some ink.
14/10/2015 12:16 BST
Check Your Nuts - It Might Save Your

Check Your Nuts - It Might Save Your Life

The year was 2005. I was 15 and in my 10th year of schooling. This was the year I threw up for the first time from tequila shots, first awkwardly kissed a girl at a house party, and I was diagnosed with testicular cancer...
11/10/2015 23:23 BST