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Pip Wilson

Tech entrepreneur, angel investor.

Pip is a successful entrepreneur and angel investor who is passionate about empowering women in tech and disrupting traditional business models.

Pip believes in the power of teams, the importance of diversity, and that the best businesses have a clear social purpose and help employees balance life with work.

She is also co-founder and CEO of amicable, which uses technology to disrupt the family law market for divorce and separation, focusing on better outcomes for families.

Pip is also active on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why Rethinking Flexible Working Will Help Close The Gender Pay Gap

The case for flexible working is one that has been part of the public conversation for many years now, and the cost-benefit analysis at the centre of it has been played out in the media over and over again. Flexible working, the argument goes, has a positive impact on the wellbeing and long-term productivity of those employees that take advantage of it.
10/11/2017 13:43 GMT

Why Getting Girls To Code Starts At Home

As this fantastic overview of the issue points out, gendered advertising developed in a fully-fledged narrative in which computing was the reserve of boys. Tech-focused films in the 1980s regularly featured a gifted, male, techy protagonist who would use his abilities to win the affections of a girl.
05/06/2017 17:07 BST

Do We Focus On The Wrong Thing When Encouraging Parents Back To Work?

That's not to downplay how difficult it can be: balancing professional life and bringing up children is tough. I don't believe that everybody can 'have it all', and it is naïve to expect to not have to make sacrifices. But I do believe that by considering what the ideal solution for your family would be, and having both parents strive to make that happen, families will begin to enjoy the freedom and happiness that should be commonplace but, sadly, is still not.
30/03/2017 17:01 BST

Why Technology Is Key To Workplace Diversity

The notion that time spent in the office is a measure of hard work or productivity is anachronistic and tired, and the sooner employers move away from it the better. The choice is no longer a binary one, between working or homemaking, and this all-or-nothing approach is counter-productive.
02/03/2017 16:26 GMT