Princess Michael of Kent

Author of the acclaimed Anjou Trilogy and frequent lecturer and historical writer

Princess Michael of Kent is the wife of Queen Elizabeth II first cousin. Born in Bohemia of Austro-Hungarian aristocratic parentage, the princess is a writer, has published five books on historical subjects with a sixth due in October. Her Royal Highness is also a well-known lecturer with fifty titles described on her website: for more information.

Queen and Four Kingdoms Extract

On 24th October 1415, Yolande, Duchess of Anjou, receives news from a manservant sent to report on the French forces. She learns that the English troops, exhausted at the end of another day's trudging through heavy mud, found themselves on a rise near the semi-ruined château of Agincourt in north-western France, and gratefully bivouac there
03/11/2015 13:39 GMT

The Arrival in 1400 of Yolande of Aragon in France to Wed Louis II Royal Duke of Anjou

Following the plague called the Black Death, France's population was reduced by half to around 8 million, 90% of whom were hard-working peasantry. Depending on their liege lords, some lived better than others but it is on these great princes that I will focus, for their lives and living conditions were far from austere or primitive...
11/10/2015 23:44 BST

Historical Novelist or Criminologist?

The lawyer's work and that of the detective's long hours is how many mysteries have been solved -- or not. And then DNA entered criminology to add to the writer's magical box of solutions. Here is an example in my own case.
05/12/2014 14:51 GMT

Who Was This 'Queen Of Four Kingdoms'?

She was Yolande, daughter of the King of Aragon before the country joined with Castile to make today's Spain. The only child of her father to reach adulthood, Yolande became the kingdom's heiress after the death of her childless uncle.
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How 'The Anjou Trilogy' Came To Be

Sleuthing led me to some astonishing and, in part, unknown characters and facts, and what began as one book grew into three. After six years spent researching, I was ready to begin writing what has become The Anjou Trilogy, not as a history, but as a true story.
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