Professor Gordon Wishart

Chief Medical Officer at Check4Cancer

Professor Gordon Wishart is a consultant breast & endocrine surgeon, former director of the Cambridge Breast Unit (2005-2010), Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Visiting Professor of Cancer Surgery at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. He is Chief Medical Office at national cancer screening specialist Check4Cancer,

Professor Wishart has a national and international reputation in the field of breast cancer and has published widely in the field of breast surgery, endocrine surgery and breast cancer. He has recently been an advisor to the Department of Health as part of the cancer waiting times and national cancer survivorship initiatives.
What's The Point Of Planning Finances If We're Not Planning Our

What's The Point Of Planning Finances If We're Not Planning Our Health?

We put a lot of time and effort into financial planning, making sure we have the kind of savings needed to secure a comfortable retirement. But what's the good of financial security and a long retirement if that's a long period of ill-health? It's an issue that the stats on longevity don't cover.
10/05/2017 12:13 BST
What Trying To Stay Young Does To Your

What Trying To Stay Young Does To Your Body

We all want to stay young for as long as possible. But trying to cling onto the lifestyle you had in your 20s doesn't keep you youthful. It might do something for you psychologically, but physically there are repercussions.
15/02/2017 13:06 GMT
Who's Afraid Of Roast

Who's Afraid Of Roast Dinners?

As a GP I'll often have patients coming into the surgery talking about a new health risk they've come across and ask to be tested. They might be overweight or smoking 20 a day, but it's the new test they're demanding.
03/02/2017 11:21 GMT