Rachael Chadwick

Freelance writer, blogger and author

Rachael Chadwick is an author, blogger and communications consultant residing in Shoreditch, London.

She was born and raised in Dorset, before going on to study English Language at Cardiff University. After graduating, she fell into the corporate world and moved to London in 2008, working for an energy company.

In Dec 2012, Rachael founded the creative project, 60 Postcards, in memory of her mum. Her experiences are documented in a blog and after signing a book deal with Simon and Schuster UK, her memoir of the same name was released in February 2014 (with the paperback released Feb 2015).

It was at the time of the book deal that Rachael decided to make the leap to a new career path. She is currently freelancing as a communications consultant at a humanitarian aid agency, developing her postcard project into a storytelling platform and plotting book number 2.

Here on the Huff Post platform, she will be writing and ranting about anything and everything.