Rachel Clarke

Junior doctor, mother, feminist

Dr Rachel Clarke is a junior doctor, mother and feminist who cares passionately about the NHS and standing up for her patients. She works in one of Oxford's largest hospitals and teaches clinical medicine and communication skills for the University of Oxford. She has a particular interest in palliative medicine, believing that helping patients at the end-of-life have the best quality life possible is priceless.

Brexit's Brutal Blow to the NHS

Our underfunded NHS now faces potentially catastrophic financial consequences of Brexit. But the most immediate threat to the NHS is not financial but human: the risk that members of its most precious, most undervalued asset - its workforce - may now wonder what on earth they are doing here.
28/06/2016 16:26 BST

Hunt's Imposition U-Turn: Not Even He Can Pull Off This One

Mr Hunt's dramatic U-turn on his repeated threat to impose his contract, broken by the Guardian, has arisen from a court case mounted by grassroots junior doctors against him. They believe they can prove he has no legal basis upon which to make his threat, and has acted unlawfully by pretending to be able to exercise a power he never had.
18/04/2016 23:22 BST

David Cameron Is No Women's Champion - Even the United Nations Agrees

David Cameron may be happy for our children to grow up into a world where women still get paid less than a man, for doing exactly the same job as a man, but I am not. Nor, I have no doubt, are the vast majority of men and women in modern Britain. 60% of doctors in the NHS are women. With its regressive, discriminatory contract, the government seems hell-bent on driving us away.
05/04/2016 12:57 BST

Thank You, Mr Hunt - You've Made Leaders of Us All

No health secretary in the history of the NHS has so effectively empowered a generation of doctors. That's a formidable legacy whose repercussions will reverberate through the NHS for decades. Health Secretaries come and go but we - the generation who went on strike for our convictions - are the Bruce Keoghs of tomorrow.
16/03/2016 08:45 GMT

How to Resolve the Junior Doctor Dispute

To end this dispute, the prime minister, whose silence on this matter has been deafening, needs to recognise that sitting silently on the sidelines is no longer an option. His health secretary has become a hate figure for doctors, so it is up to David Cameron to lead from the top. Next, the government must come clean about the thousands of new staff required to provide a genuinely seven-day NHS. The public has a right to decide for itself whether it wishes to commit taxes to this manifesto aspiration.
18/02/2016 18:37 GMT

Jeremy Hunt's Latest Flight of Fancy

As a junior doctor who's married to a pilot, I'm perhaps more intimately acquainted than Jeremy Hunt with what airline safety entails. The Health Secretary might like to know that my husband, an ex-RAF fighter pilot turned civilian pilot, is so aghast at the hours and shifts I work, he says they would turn his plane into a "a lethal weapon".
05/02/2016 14:12 GMT

Oestrogen to Blame for Junior Doctors' Strike? This #ladydoc Begs to Differ

The underlying cause of last week's strike is not, it turns out, chronic NHS underfunding, inadequate workforce planning, or constant inflammatory sniping from Jeremy "nuclear option" Hunt. No, it's the women like me who are first flooding our medical schools, then popping out babies with impunity, and finally abandoning our patients for a lazy part-timer's life.
19/01/2016 10:42 GMT