Rachel Deacon

Managing Director, LIFE

Rachel joined LIFE 6 years ago, and currently holds the role of Managing Director. She has amassed more than 15 years working on brands in central London agencies, including 10+ years on the Coca-Cola Great Britain and Coca-Cola Enterprises accounts, on and off trade; developing and implementing on-pack, in-outlet and retailer promotions; retail and wholesale incentives and the UK’s most successful FMCG brand loyalty programme ‘Coke Zone’.

She has also led teams on Bacardi Martini (delivering on and off-trade promotions for Breezer and Rigo), Diageo (Guinness global website), and InBev (on-pack, in-store and on-trade promotions for Stella Artois). She was also responsible for digital and mobile strategic direction for Muller, Arla Foods and Nutricia Ireland, developing experiential campaigns for Nestlé Dolce Gusto, and in-outlet promotions for Burger King.
Weekends for Rachel usually consist of taking her dog Archie for walks and bashing down the walls in her house in the name of interior design.
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