Rachel Hosie

BBC News intern in Brussels, French and German student at the University of Bristol; food columnist for Bristol University's online student news site, Inter:Mission; lifestyle blogger and avid cake baker.

Rachel is in her third year studying French and German at the University of Bristol and is currently interning at BBC News in Brussels on her year abroad. She is super keen to break into journalism, and has spent nearly every school and university holiday over her teenage years doing work experience wherever she can. Rachel is a regular contributor, sub-editor and soon-to-be online editor for Bristol University’s student paper, Epigram, and a food columnist for Bristol's student website, Inter:Mission. She also runs her own blog, Handbags and Cupcakes, and is thrilled that it was awarded Highly Commended Best Lifestyle Blog in the 2013 Cosmo Blog Awards. When she's not writing essays and articles, Rachel loves to dance, sing and bake (often simultaneously).

Rachel blogs at: