Rachel Thompson

Writer, journalist and founder of postmoderngirl.com, a blog about feminism

Rachel is a writer and freelance journalist, and founder of Postmodern Girl, a blog about feminism. She is passionate about gender equality, women's politics and new media.

Why Are We Shaming Women for Being Human?

In this digital age of social media, selfies and smartphones, how realistic is it to expect to see a true and un-retouched representation of natural female beauty?
27/02/2015 17:39 GMT

Women: It's Time to Stop Judging One Another

Women are not just unkind to themselves in this quest for perfection; they can also be extremely unkind to other women. This unkindness comes in many guises; in passive aggression; in bitching; in judgement; and in straight-up nastiness.
18/01/2015 23:27 GMT

We Need to Talk About Sexism at UK Universities

Sexism at UK universities is not just a cluster of isolated incidents, but a real and present issue that students face nationwide. We go to university to learn, to better ourselves, to progress, but we do not expect to be harassed, objectified and subjected to misogyny...
08/10/2014 16:59 BST

Reclaiming the F Word: In Defence of Feminism

Feminism is getting a rebrand, and we are all brand consultants. By reclaiming the F word, we are active participants in the future of gender equality. By changing perceptions of the word, we encourage more people to become feminists and we move further towards achieving true equality.
22/09/2014 13:43 BST

Body Is a Four Letter Word: Why Naked Doesn't Always Mean Sex

What do we see when we look at a naked woman? This week's leak of celebrity nudes suggests that we consider female sexuality and sexual agency to be shameful. By turning a private image of a sexual subject into something public to be leered at and used as pornography, you suggest that women should be sexual objects and nothing more.
05/09/2014 17:00 BST