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Ragnar Weilandt

PhD researcher at the University of Warwick and the Université libre de Bruxelles

Ragnar Weilandt is a PhD researcher at the University of Warwick working on EU-Arab relations and a freelance journalist writing on the European Union, the Middle East and other stuff. Check out his website here.

Leaving the EU Over Its Democratic Deficit? You've Got to Be Kidding...

The alternative to participating in such intergovernmental cooperation is standing alone in a world shaped by the survival of the fittest. As the UK has long ceased to belong to those, it is clearly much better off inside the European Union - imperfect as its system of governance might be.
23/06/2016 08:59 BST

Four-Letter Diplomacy and European Provincialism

The United States is deliberately sidelining the EU as a partner. After being appointed Secretary of State, John Kerry's first trip to Europe included stops in four EU member states but none in Brussels.
13/02/2014 09:58 GMT

Not Quite the Right Story

There is no justification for what the Taliban did to Malala. Her standing up to them is admirable, her fame well deserved and her activism for education and women's rights worth all the support it can get. But Malala's story represents only a part of the region's long tale of woe.
20/11/2013 12:35 GMT