Raheem Kassam

Executive Editor of, Director of the Green Centre for Economic Analysis and Sustainable Environment

Raheem Kassam is a political commentator, broadcaster and campaigns specialist based in London. His expertise includes political and campaign strategy, Middle Eastern politics, the war on terrorism, domestic terror threats, UK/US relations, US politics and exposing pseudo-environmentalism.

Kassam holds a number of official positions, being the Marketing Director for the foreign affairs think-tank the ‘Henry Jackson Society’, Director of the counter-extremism pressure group ‘Student Rights’, the Executive Editor of the conservative online magazine ‘The Commentator’ and Communications Director and Research Fellow specializing in Homeland Security and Transatlantic Affairs for the oldest conservative think-tank in the United Kingdom, the ‘Bow Group’.

Kassam has previously served on the National Executive of Conservative Future and ran Conservative candidate Michelle Donelan’s 2010 General Election campaign in the Wentworth and Dearne constituency achieving a 7.5% swing from Labour to the Conservative candidate.

Kassam has also worked on a US Presidential campaign, serving as an advisor to the Jon Huntsman For President campaign in 2012, based in Orlando, Florida.

Kassam has written for numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal Europe, CityAM, ConservativeHome, the Daily Caller, the Jewish Chronicle, Standpoint Magazine and more.