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Rebecca Emerson

UK & Ireland Head of international management consultancy Oliver Wyman

Dr Rebecca Emerson is the UK and Ireland Head of Oliver Wyman, a leading global management consultancy made up of intellectually curious and energetic entrepreneurs. She works primarily in financial services advising large banks and market infrastructure players. As a female leader in a male-dominated industry, Rebecca actively works to build inclusion to encourage greater diversity within the business world. She is a visible and vocal LGBTQ+ straight ally and champions the company’s work with refugees. Rebecca holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Oxford, having previously studied at MIT and the University of California. Born in Washington DC to a military family, Rebecca moved around extensively while she was growing up but has now lived in the UK for the past 25+ years. She firmly regards London as home, and spends time outside of work enjoying art, photography, running, and making ice-cream.

Coming Out Day - The Role For Straight LGBT+ Allies

Being in the closet at work equates to huge amounts of attention and energy being spent to avoid being outed, which can negatively affect performance. To get the best of our teams, they need to be able to be their whole, genuine selves. Thus, employers should be creating workplaces where they are happy to be so.
06/10/2017 11:37 BST

Fashioning A New Dress Code

My only concerns would be, is the skirt of an appropriate length for a client meeting? Are their tights free from ladders? Is the nail polish without chips? These are the types of thing that make an outfit acceptable. The gender of the individual, and how they choose to express that gender through their clothing, should not be relevant in a modern workplace.
03/07/2017 14:58 BST

British Summertime: 'Average' And 'Boring' May Be Just What We Need

After the past few months - or has it only been weeks - I'm looking forward to a boring summer. We've been on an emotional roller coaster: crazy, delusional people killed innocents and awful accidents destroyed lives, families, and homes; but on each occasion the British people rallied together to show each other how much they really do care.
26/06/2017 16:43 BST

You Can Choose Your Facebook Friends, But Not Your Digital Family

How businesses adapt to serve you and your Digital Family will vary by sector. For example, banks will be looking to cut operating costs by moving their customers to self-serve online or via apps, so it is in their best interest to reassure you about cyber security if you're an Anxious Anderson and they will make it easy for the Analogue Alis.
08/06/2017 14:29 BST

Office Space: The Final Frontier

I write this blog from the corner of my shared office, mindful of a conversation overheard this week among one of the support teams. They recently took on a few extra staff and as such need to change where they sit in the open plan part of our office. Excerpts of the discussion are as follows...
19/01/2017 12:17 GMT

I'm Dreaming Of A Wifi Free Christmas

The isolation technology can create is damaging not only to those individuals directly affected, but also to our society as a whole. We miss out on their experiences and knowledge. For example, what if schools lists of approved retired people who children could Skype when they need help with their homework?
18/12/2016 17:48 GMT

Unleashing Female Leadership Potential

Gender inequality remains undeniable across much of the business world, and is particularly visible at leadership level. Having worked in the banking and finance sector for over two decades, I have seen and been part of attempts to address this issue. It's clear there is growing commitment to programmes and investments that develop more women into industry leaders.
01/11/2016 17:09 GMT