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Rebecka Eden

Inspirational Speaker, Model, Writer, Philanthropist, Cancer & Trauma Survival Spokesperson

Rebecka Eden is an Inspirational Speaker, Model and Writer and in her Philanthropic work a Cancer & Trauma Survival Spokesperson, Campaigner for improved care for those whom suffer from the effects of military service and Spokesperson for the wellbeing of Combat Veterans and additionally a Global Ambassador For Change. Her look and fairytale-like natural very long hair add to her appeal as an advocate for natural beauty. Rebeckas' harrowing story of her ordeal with cancer and the effects of cancer treatment is profound. Her cancer was not recognised for over a decade as she was thought to be too young to develop the rarer type of tumour of which she suffered from. By the time the tumour was discovered, radical life-changing treatment was required in order to save her life. During years of rehabilitation from the horrific injuries sustained as a result of the cancer treatment, Rebecka then had to deal with societies' misconceptions of what a cancer patient should typically look like in addition to facing horrendous abuse for her uniqueness and unusual injuries. However, throughout this time, she allowed her experiences and case to be used in clinical cancer research and also took part in pioneering surgical techniques in order to help advance gynaecological cancer medicine. She also privately campaigned to help ensure that no other young woman in the UK would ever experience that which she has survived. Additionally, she is also one of the first original members of the groundbreaking Breakthrough Generations study. Rebecka educates on Mental and Physical Endurance, Women's Health, Trauma Survival and Cancer and the Effects of Cancer Treatment, utilising both her life experience and professional training. For all enquiries about Rebecka e-mail:

Surviving Trauma

Having survived massive surgery as part of my cancer treatment, which resulted in the loss of many organs and life-changing injuries, due to my physical vulnerability I was then physically assaulted and abused as a young woman. Though I survived, I underwent trauma and adjustment therapy of the type for those that have endured torture.
03/08/2017 12:49 BST

What Is L.E.?

L.E. does not discriminate in who can fall victim to the disease - young or old, male or female, regardless of a person's body type or healthy lifestyle choices - I was a young model and athlete with a life-long dedication to health and fitness when my cancer treatment resulted in development of the disease.
04/05/2017 14:13 BST