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Rhiannon Lambert

Registered Nutritionist practising in Harley Street

As a professional soprano trained at the Royal Academy of Music and having won Classic FM’s Singer of the Year at 17, Rhiannon learned the importance of living a healthy lifestyle from an early age. Her belief that nutrition can play a significant role in your overall health, wellbeing and appearance has been tested performing worldwide.

Registered with the Association for Nutrition (AFN), Rhiannon has obtained first class Bachelor (BSc) and Master’s (MSc) degrees in Nutrition as well as Diplomas in Nutritional Interventions and Excellence in Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders. Her qualified approach to nutrition and total dedication to her clients’ needs has seen Rhiannon work with some of the world’s most influential people.

Six Everyday Dairy-Free Swaps

Going dairy-free doesn't have to be daunting - new research from Dream shows that 31m people in the UK are keen to cut out dairy from their diet, but only 12% ever attempt this as they believe it will be too difficult for them.
26/09/2017 13:31 BST

Why Go Dairy-Free?

With people becoming more and more aware of the environment, we're seeing a rise in dairy-free diets, as well as vegetarian and vegan diets. There's also a case of many people just wanting to try new options- new research shows that 31m people in the UK are keen to drop dairy from their diet, but only 12% of people actually attempt to switch to a dairy-free diet
13/09/2017 11:58 BST