Richard Masefield

Farmer and novelist

Farmer,conservationist and novelist. Cousin of the poet John Masefield and son of the aviation executive Sir Peter Masefield. Married with three children and seven grandchildren.

Good Advice From John Masefield

My last memory of my famous cousin John Masefield dates from the early 1960s, when I visited him at his home, Burcote Brook, on the Thames at Abingdon near Oxford. As the author of over seventy works of poetry, non-fiction, novels, plays and children's books, and as Poet Laureate for more than thirty years, John was already a literary legend.
03/02/2015 11:20 GMT

Troglodytes of the First World War

Back in the 1980s while I was researching my First War novel, Chalkhill Blue, I was sent to meet a solid, gruffly spoken little woman who was reputed to know more about the Western Front than anyone alive
17/11/2014 17:17 GMT

Enjoying Sex, In Fiction

Our sexuality is naturally (and I do mean naturally) a part of what we are. So fiction has to deal with it in one way or another (and I do mean one way or another). The spinsterly Jane Austen hints of 'intimate attachments'. Charlotte Brontë permits Jane Eyre more freedom of expression with her 'bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh' allusion to intercourse with Mr Rochester.
29/10/2014 14:43 GMT

The Myth of Our 'Military Prowess'

It is high time we stopped allowing individual acts of valour to blind us to the truth. High time we stopped pretending that war is anything but savage and inglorious. High time we stopped selecting so many of our leaders from public schools who pride themselves on training boys to think of it as manly sport.
20/10/2014 10:22 BST

How to Launch 'The Great Novel'... Or Not?

So here I am, no longer in the world of generous advances. My book will have to work quite hard to earn its keep. But at least it's out there. Amazon is criticised for undermining bookshops. But if more novels see the light of day and more readers get to read them, that surely has to be a good thing, doesn't it?
30/09/2014 20:58 BST