Richard N C Jackson

International sales professional and team leader

Richard is a well experienced international sales professional and team leader with a wide and deep experience in all aspects of commercial sales and VAS propositions to the wireless industry.

Richard has over a decade of experience in the ringback tone market and has created many products for consumers across Europe. At RealNetworks, Richard is responsible for developing LISTEN’s consumer availability across multiple mobile networks. In 2004 he focused on outsourcing Ringback Tone Services from the mobile operators so the company could operate them under a Managed Service with a revenue share. This style of deal and contract was very complex and extremely difficult to achieve for such a small, young company.

He launched the first European Corporate Ringback Tone service in 2012 in the UK - which is now growing with widespread awareness. He is currently replicating this service in Portugal during 2013.

The ringback tone market has massive potential and is totally under utilised as an audio asset. It's not just about music; it has so more power when used for marketing, advertising and awareness. The volume of media inventory available each day is so enormous that it's actually greater than Google's "pay per click" search advertising transactions on the web.

Businesses, Charities, Fundraisers and Sponsored Organisations can now use this vast media inventory to help differentiate themselves as part of their Mobile Strategy.

Specialties: He is the European Ringback Tone pioneer and evangelist. With over 9 years experience of marketing and selling Ringback Tones to Consumers, Corporates, Brands, Sponsored Organisations, and Charities. He also has a deep knowledge of working with Mobile Operators across Europe.

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