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Richard Pursey

CEO and co-founder, SafeToNet

Richard Pursey is the CEO and co-founder of SafeToNet, the award-winning, British technology company leading the way in safeguarding children online and protecting families. Prior to SafeToNet, Richard was a proven entrepreneur, starting and selling three technology companies, Logical Network, Adam Associates and Adam Continuity, and an insurance business, Olivia Underwriting & Risk Management. During these endeavours, he also helped develop the software, Neverfail, which profiles and predicts the operational and risk behavioural patterns of businesses – the same behavioural patterning techniques that are used in SafeToNet today. He was also previously a board member of the West Berkshire Primary Care Trust. Aside from his business efforts, Richard is also a father – making the work he does for SafeToNet even more important to him.

Internet Safety - It's Time To Look At The Bigger Picture

Where there is bad behaviour, we also need to find ways to ensure that we are actively preventing harm - rather than simply acknowledging the damage being done. Too often, the solutions that the Government and social media companies champion involve tackling the problems after they occur.
26/10/2017 16:49 BST

Do You Like People Watching? My Computer Does

The ability to track and analyse human behaviour is vital when it comes to being able to detect harm or potential harm. Computers can make sense of the confusing, emotive and sometimes scary online world. The algorithms can understand chaotic human behaviour and find patterns in linguistic traits, social media content and even likes on Facebook.
10/10/2017 17:28 BST