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Richard Shorter

Parenting Coach and Baptist Church Minister

Parents who want to raise children with character to change world need to be coursagously honest. I'm a dad of three children who leads workshops and coaches parents to be coursagously honest. With 20 years experiance of working with familes I am an honest, fun and passionate person, with the guts to talk about those part of life others shy away from. I’ve the courage to ask questions that will help people discover solutions to their problems and grow in self-confidence and self-belief. I done this work in many settings, including elite sports, state and indepenet schools and for the local authority.
The Challenge Of Sporting

The Challenge Of Sporting Parents

A sports coach may want to help a young person develop sporting character, but it is the influence of the parent who shapes a young person most. If sports teams wish to pursue glory, parents are one of their best assets.
03/10/2017 12:48 BST
Parents Don't Believe In Free

Parents Don't Believe In Free Speech

As the final week of the UK election descends into yet more name calling and 'fake news', all under the patronage of free speech, one group of people is actively seeking to stop this muddy and ugly form of debate: parents! All over the world they are undermining our precious notion of free speech by actively opposing it.
07/06/2017 12:17 BST
Help, My Son Is Quoting Donald

Help, My Son Is Quoting Donald Trump!

"Build the wall" is a phrase that regularly rings out from my son - often in response to handling conflict with his siblings! "Son, please try and get on with your sisters", "No, I'm going to build a wall between us, just like Trump!" is typical of his flippant responses.
19/01/2017 15:59 GMT
Parents, Is It Time To Stop

Parents, Is It Time To Stop Dieting?

This is not going to be a popular sentence but here goes: When it comes to eating, our children are very likely to follow our habits and that includes becoming overweight and joining us on the dieting merry-go-round.
10/01/2017 17:34 GMT
Perfect Parents Christmas

Perfect Parents Christmas Newsletter

Before we begin, it is worth pointing out that by merely reading this letter you will undoubtedly be inspired to follow our example of parental perfection. This is completely normal and does not necessarily imply any inadequacies in your own parenting.
15/12/2016 14:16 GMT
Dads, Let's Talk About

Dads, Let's Talk About Puberty

Isn't it about time we dads learnt to talk about puberty? About unwanted erections, hormones and changes that happen to women? And to do it without embarrassment and code words, as if any of it were something to be ashamed of?
30/11/2016 17:19 GMT